Making Up The Lips


The lipstick and the lip gloss are the most popular beauty products in the world today. They are easy and quick to apply. They can take your look from day-to-night with a simple change of shade. The issue is making sure you apply them properly for a beautiful smooth finish.  In order to achieve this, you will need the following:

A Lip Base or A Lip Primer


This is the first thing you apply on your lips. It will ensure the lipstick stays on for longer and it moisturizes the lips. It also stops the lip colours from bleeding into fine lines around the mouth. Apply with its own applicator or lip brush.

I recommend MAC Prep + Prime for £12.50.

Lip Pencil


Lip pencils can help you achieve various looks and they can also help shape out an uneven-shaped mouth. It pays to have a couple in various shades to achieve various looks. For instance, a red pencil will have a stronger appearance when matched with a pink lipstick. To use this, outline the whole of the mouth using the tip of the pencil to stop lipstick bleeding.

I recommend this NARS velvet gloss lip pencil for £17.50.



Lipsticks come in various forms. There is the matte form which has the greatest pigmentation and which last longer, there is the sheer form, which is halfway between a gloss and a cream, and the shimmery form, which has light reflecting properties in them to help make lips appear fuller. To apply the lipstick, load the lip brush, smile and apply all over the lips, blot with a tissue, re-apply and blot again to remove any excess.

I recommend Fashion Fair lipsticks.  They cost £16.

Lip Gloss


The sale of lip gloss have overtaken those of lipstick in the last decade. The lip gloss is easier to apply and more convenient. It can be used on its own, on top of a pencil or over any form of lipstick.  To give an illusion of plumper lips, try applying at the center of the mouth only.

I recommend Chanel lip gloss for £29.50.





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