Enhance A Bent Nose


A bent or crooked nose like Katie Holmes’ dominates the face, the nose is usually the first facial feature anyone will nose. This could leave you to consider plastic surgery, but I will have you know that a bent nose can be enhanced with the right makeup and beauty products. Here are some tips for you:

  • Apply your regular shade of foundation all over the nose, then apply a darker shade of foundation to the area of the nose that is bent. This will create the illusion of a straight nose.
  • Apply iridescent highlghter on the other side of the nose, that is not bent, to balance the look.
  • Apply interesting eye make-up; bold eye shadow colours, mascara and eye liners to draw attention to your eyes and away from your nose.
  • Go for a striking lipstick. This will draw attention to the lips and away from the nose, accentuate the positive eliminate the negative.

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