6 Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers

When it comes to travelling, there are so many tips out there that are enough to keep you overwhelmed. Even if you had the opportunity to travel regularly, there are some things that you tend to leave out. This has happened to me on several occasions. However, as I kept travelling I started to get the hang of it. For me, going on holiday is all about relaxation and tranquility and I always make plans to ensure that is what I get. I like the idea of lovely weather, an inviting beach, and a lovely hotel with balcony. To ensure you have an enjoyable holiday, it makes sense to have a good plan.


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In my travels I discovered quite a number of travel tips that have proved to be helpful. And I know they will be useful to you, especially if you’re a frequent traveller. Here are 6 handy travel tips to guide you in your journey.


  1. Have an electronic copy of your travel documents

This nifty trick can save you from a lot of trouble. You can never predict what could happen on your trip. Your travel documents might get misplaced or you might forget the documents at home.

Have a PDF format of all your travel documents like your travel itinerary, boarding passes and even a scanned copy of the face page of your passport. You can store all the documents in a flashdrive or on the cloud like on iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.


  1. Pack some food along with you before you travel

Airlines are decreasing their supply of food. Maybe it’s because they try to cut costs to have more pocket friendly air fares. Sometimes before the air hostess comes to the middle of the aisle the food is almost done.

If you’re a vegetarian or you eat only kosher meals, it may be a bit of a challenge to get that on the airplane. Aside from that sometimes airplane food doesn’t particularly taste the best.

What I do before my travels is to pack something with me just in case I get peckish or the food is not too good. At least I wouldn’t get hungry on the way.


  1. Have a packing list

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you forgot to pack something? It can cause a lot of tension especially when you’re just about to enter the aeroplane and you’re still not sure if you packed everything you need.

To clear all doubts, write a list of things you need to pack for your trip. Make sure you write your packing list at least 2 days before packing. This will give you enough time to figure out if you need to write anything else on your list. It will also prevent you from packing in a rush too.

Let your packing list be the last thing you keep in your bag so as to give you a chance to double-check everything before leaving the house and when you’re travelling back home.


  1. Pack a spare outfit in your carry-on bag

When you’re travelling you need to be prepared for any eventuality. One of the common mishaps is your luggage going missing. If your luggage is missing your clothes go along with it too.  Although the airport authorities are able to bring your luggage back it may take some time before that happens. So pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag just in case something happens to your luggage.


  1. Read about the place you’re travelling to

When you’re going somewhere new, it’s best to arm yourself with as much information as you can about the place you’re traveling to. Research on the customs and cultures of the locals in the area as well as nice places to visit when you arrive.


  1. Be polite

Having good manners goes a long way when you’re travelling. That’s why I saved the best for last. You’re going to meet a lot of new people when you travel so it is always good to be kind, tolerant and polite to them. You could make some friends along the way.


Do you have travel tips to share?

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  1. Great tips! Yes the more you travel and we like to alot the more you get used to it. I keep a large box of holiday traveling abroad items we only use for holidays. I have added more to the box as the years have gone on as we do self catering.

    I also buy up sun tan lotions and toiletries for holidays during the year for when we go on holiday when they are on offer. Saves alot of money.

    I also make sure we have additional travel power chargers, pegs a travel line and the like with me. I also take a small empty pump hottie full of washing up liquid with me. You never use it all if you buy it abroad and it takes up very little room.

    That list is the most important too you said about Stella. Can I just add if anyone is on medication to pack that for carry on, in clear sealed bags with prescription back proof for the airports. Don’t put it in your hold luggage cos if you luggage goes missing you will be in a mess without it.

    • I love that last tip about popping the medication. Safer to have that with you than in the hold luggage. Thanks Carol.

  2. Great tips – I’m all about the lists and being super organised! I travel A LOT for work and pleasure and one piece of advice I always stick to is packing a light change of clothes in my carry on!

  3. Can’t leave without a packing list – it is a blue print for travel success. I go as far as planning the most important things to do on the journey but flexible enough to adapt change 🙂

    Great post.

  4. You have no idea how packing food has saved me on so many international flights I have taken! These are some very great travel tips and I follow each of this to the T! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are excellent tips, I do most of these things and definitely recommend keeping a copy of important documents .

  6. These are good tips – especially the spare outfit…
    That you should have copies of your documents – on on you and one at home – is a ground rule of travelling and became so much easier with cellphones & Co. Before, I used to carry copies on paper with me. Credit card numbers and a hotline where to cancel them is really important, too.
    Besides my travel documents, I’m quite relaxed about forgetting things – if really necessary, everything can be replace on the spot.

  7. As someone who travels a lot, I definitely agree with this list. You can save a lot of money by bringing your own food. Also the extra outfit in your carry-on is perfect!

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  9. Packing food is so handy! There were times when I ended up trekking and walking far away from good/budget-friendly food….good thing I have some spare biscuits always packed on my sack bag. Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  10. Those are really good tips! I’ve just done a trip to Brussel (Belgium). It is was very nice and I am planning to go see more cities. Check out my blog for more about Brussel!

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  12. Great tips! I always find if you learn one or two words in the language of the country you’re visiting, you’ll always get a better reception! Even if it is just ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, the locals love when visitors make the effort! Vic x

  13. Hey! You’ve pretty much summed up everything so great post! Especially the bit about a spare set of clothes in your carry-on. Our baggage was misplaced in the Andamans and had we thought of this earlier, we would have been more at ease!

    Also, may I add on learning a bit of the local language before you head to a new place? You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to make friends (especially when you’re travelling solo) as the effort you’ve put in is bound to be appreciated.

    Great post nonetheless!

    • Glad you like the post. Thanks for great tip. I struggle with languages but always make an effort.

  14. Thanks for the tips!

    Carrying food is definitely a must. I know I love to gorge on all sorts of snackaroos while watching movies. I also love carrying some skincare so I don’t feel like a crusty demon by the time I get off the plane. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re shedding a layer of skin off your body haha!

  15. I would add “learn some simple phrases in the local language”. Locals always appreciate it when you try to say at least hello or thank you in their local language!

  16. For some mysterious reason I tend to forget my toothbrush and pijama! So that’s something I know I always have to double check!! But really the last advice was the best, I was traveling today and I felt really sad as I was witnessing so many rude people! Xx

  17. Last tip is the best one, we all should be able to use it even when we are not travelling. But, unfortunately… people are not like this most of the time!

  18. Great tips! I tend to always forget to bring snacks on the plane and usually I am extremely hungry which makes it hard to get a good sleep.

    thanks for sharing!

  19. I’ve down loaded the app Google translate. It’s nice because you can even use it off line. Would have been great in Belgium, didn’t speak French and ended up ordering crepes with bananas for lunch. Hungry one hour later.

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  21. Totally agree with those tips. I might add that you should always take an emergency kit with you. That can contain disinfecting wipes and band aids or lip stick and deodorant 🙂

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