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When it comes to medical marijuana, the most frequently asked question is, “How much does a state-issued medical marijuana card cost?” Every state that has legalized medical marijuana has set different prices and requirements. There are several costs to be covered before you can acquire a medical marijuana card, but only if you qualify for one. You first have to get a recommendation to use cannabis as a form of treatment from a licensed physician.

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As a patient, you must acquire one card for yourself and designate a caregiver if need be. Qualified patients are also required to renew their medical marijuana cards annually. The number of people applying for medical marijuana cards increased late in 2019. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also due to cannabis stigma going away. Most patients felt the need to stock up following the lockdowns that were set. The cost of a medical marijuana card varies greatly depending on a range of factors. These include:

Initial Consultation

Before applying for a medical marijuana card, you have to pay for the initial consultation. Most states that issue medical marijuana cards require applicants to have medical records showing that they need cannabis to treat their conditions. There are specific medical conditions that are approved for medical marijuana use in most of these states.

To get the medical records, you have to visit a licensed medical marijuana doctor. Most of these doctors will ask for a consultation fee. Since their costs vary, it is advisable to call ahead to get the exact price.

Application Fee

Your doctor has to perform a series of tests proving that you need medical marijuana as a form of treatment. Once he/she confirms your diagnosis, he will make his recommendation and submit your application to the state. Now, you have to wait for your name to appear in the medical marijuana registry before you can proceed.

After, you will be required to fill an application for a medical marijuana card in your state. The average cost of this application form is around $80. Patients are required to pay a renewal fee annually after getting the card.

Evaluation Costs

Each patient is required to undergo a physical evaluation to provide accurate medical reports. Depending on your medical condition, you may undergo several tests that vary in cost. Be prepared to spend from your pocket because insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana expenses.

Medical Marijuana Equipment

To use medical marijuana effectively, you may be required to purchase some equipment. If you are not sure which kind of equipment to buy, ask your doctor to recommend one. The type of equipment you buy will depend on your method of ingestion.

It may seem like getting a medical marijuana card entails much. The truth is, getting one will save you thousands of dollars annually. To get medication, you only pay a sales tax of less than 10 percent when you use your medical marijuana card. Additionally, if you plan to buy cannabis for recreational use, you pay excise taxes ranging from 10-36 percent.





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