Make-up Is The Best Accessory

Your face is your greatest asset. It is the first piece of you people notice. Most of the time, we forget our face and focus on spending on clothes and shoes, forgetting make-up is our best accessory. It is necessary to invest in our hair and skin. After all, looking good is good for business.

Like Karl Lagerfeld said

To reinvent a newly impeccable you in the most modern of outfits, don’t skip on make-up, and be sure to have a flawless skin and hair. That will have more impact than expensive clothes

Here are some beauty/make-up products to consider:


Never leave your home without a bit of lipstick. Matte lipsticks are great for the winter months. MAC’s Ruby Woo is an example of a bold matte look you can go for:


Bobbi Brown Blackberry lipstick is also a semi-matte, creamy lipstick that may look lovely on you:



With the right powder/foundation, you can face anything. Iman second to none gives you the coverage you need along with the perfect powder finish. You get two for the price of one:


Eye Shadow

You wear your face everyday, spice your look up with your eye shadow. I love the fashion fair multilevel eye shadow compact palette. The shades are fabulous and long-lasting:



Mascaras can do things with your eyes, you never thought were possible. Finding the right one, takes a lot of trial and error. They’re Real Mascara by Benefit seems to be the one for many. It is currently the UK’s bestselling mascara:


Hypnose Star mascara by Lancome is also a good buy. It is great for creating the impact of false eyelashes:



Eyeliners define your eyes like no other, that is when they are applied correctly. Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner does the job:



The right lipgloss is just the right highlight you need for your lips. NARS Cosmetics Turkish Delight lipgloss is a perfect choice:


The Chanel Wild Rose lipgloss is a fantastic shade too:


These are just samples you could look out for when next you are in a beauty store. Remember the famous Helena Rubinstein’s words

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.






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