Picking the right hairstyle for your face shape

When deciding on a new hairstyles, you need to consider the shape of your face. Having the wrong hairstyle for your shape of face will do you no favours. Which is why the first step is recognising your face shape so you know how best to complement it. I know many of us like to experiment with various hairstyles until we find the hairstyles we like. Others like me get bored quickly with a look and want to switch things up. It is ok to play around with various looks until we find the right one that works for us, but it is also important to know which looks to try and which to avoid.

Here are some tips for picking the right hairstyle for the shape of your face –


Round Face

hairstyle for face shape image


Short hair styles suit the round face shape. A short fringe would look amazing and so would a side fringe. Curling hairstyles and ponytails are not the best hairstyles for the round face.


Square Face

A square face has a blunt edged shape so hairstyles that soften this look will work great. Curling hairstyles and side part hairstyles will suit the square face woman perfectly. Middle parts and square cut fringe hairstyles should be avoided.


Heart Face

For the heart face woman, hairstyles that complement this shape are long or short fringes. Ponytails also look fantastic.


Long Face

With the long face, it is best to avoid lon, straight hairstyles as they only elongate the face even more. A fringe will look great because it shortens the face. Hairstyles with layers and volume also complement the long face.


Oval Face

When it comes to the oval face, lots of hairstyles look good on it. So if you have an oval face, you are in luck. You can experiment with various hairstyles until you find the right hairstyle for your exact face and personality. Almost every hairstyle will suit you just fine.


What sort of hairstyles suit you best?

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