Enhancing The Proportioned Eye

Proportioned eye

The eyes are the window to the soul. Your eyes are one of the most important features of the face. It is important to understand the shape of your eye in order to enhance the shape. The proportioned eye appears almond in shape and is the perfect eye shape. You can enhance this eye shape using these old tricks:

  • Apply a highlighter shade all over the eye area
  • Line the upper lash line by two-thirds and bottom lash line by one-third with an eye pencil
  • Add a contour colour (a darker shade that goes into the crease of the eye) along the orbital bone
  • Add an accent colour (this is a light shade) to the upper lid
  • Finally, apply a blender shade to the center of the eyelid, blend all the shades together


The Dark Skinned Woman


The dark-skinned woman’s look is deep and defined. She has dark and defined eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. So, she should opt for deep and rich beauty products to complement her bold look. Follow these guidelines to create a perfect canvas:

  • Apply primer before applying foundation. The primer helps even out the skin tone.
  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone nicely. Try various types before deciding on the perfect one for your skin tone. You may have to mix various shades to create the right one for your skin tone.
  • Go for a really dark eye pencil and mascara to draw attention to your eye colour.You can go for a dark brown eye pencil for a more cOSMEnatural look or try an aubergine pencil for a more dramatic look.
  • Use a blush or a bronzer to add some depth to your cheeks.
  • Ensure your lips are well-defined with a rich lip colour.

Face Shapes: How To Enhance An Oblong Or Rectangular Face


Beauty products exist to help correct nature’s imperfections. They enhance our God-given features when used correctly. To make the most of your make-up/beauty products, you need to know your face shape, its proportions and features. To determine your face shape and proportions, sweep your hair back from your face and look straight into the mirror. You can take a lip or eye pencil and draw around your reflection on a mirror to help determine your face shape.

An Oblong/Rectangular Face


The oblong/rectangular face has the cheekbones, forehead and jaw in line with each other. This face appears longer than wider. To enhance the oblong face, beauty products should be used to make the face appear shorter and wider. To achieve this, shade slightly under the tip of the chin and across the top of the forehead with a slightly darker foundation or bronzer and add iridescent highlighter to the cheekbones, this will make the face appear shorter and wider.

For hairstyles, fringes will shorten the rectangular face, go for hairstyles with a lot of volume to balance the face. Avoid long straight hair and center parting as this elongates the look of the face.

For glasses, opt for oval, rimless or semi-rimless frames, these frames will add width to the oblong/rectangular face.

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