3 Types of Sports Betting You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Sports betting has undergone a grand evolution in the past century creating a variety of different ways for punters to place their wagers. Many people usually think that sports betting is only about picking the winner of a game, but that’s just a small portion of the numerous options sports betting offers. Thanks to technological advancement and the growth of the sports industry, betting is now more flexible than ever. Sports enthusiasts can bet on pretty much any aspect of a sport that is measurable. Below we introduce you to three types of sports betting you probably didn’t know existed.


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Statistical Betting


This is one betting approach with huge money-making potential for those people who can accurately predict some vital statistics in a game without necessarily determining the game winner. For instance in a game of football, one can predict the team with the highest possession, the number of yellow cards, number of corners and many more. In a game of boxing, one can predict the number of jabs thrown or landed in a fight. However, one doesn’t have to necessarily select an absolute number in order to win a bet. Most betting sites allow punters to choose a range within which a given statistic might fall, and this differs from one game to another. If you want to take a statistical approach to betting, it’s important to select a specific sport and learn the basic rules surrounding it before you bet. This volleyball guide can help you get a grip on the basics of volleyball and how you can start betting on it.


Spread Betting


Spread betting is an exciting type of sports betting whereby punters get rewarded based on the accuracy of their bet rather simply whether they win or lose. The pay off from this type of betting comes from being more precise in your sports predictions than the bookmaker. A common example of spread betting is the handicap bet whereby the bookmaker gives a virtual advantage to a certain team or player that is not expected to dominate, hence leveling the playfield. Spread betting can be applied to a wide range of sports ranging from tennis, cricket, soccer and many more.


Cashing out


This is a relatively new betting type that has started gaining traction in many top sportsbooks. This type of bet gives you the opportunity to claim back a portion of your stake when it comes apparent that you’re going to lose. An interesting aspect of cashing out is that if things turn around and your original bet wins, you still get awarded for the win depending on the amount left after the cashout. This option has been revolutionary for many punters due to the extra control it gives over your bet in terms of saving some money from a losing bet.

In encapsulation, the flexibility of modern sports betting can help you immensely, as long as you utilize it wisely. Find a strategy that gives you an edge and the best chance to make a consistent profit in your bets.


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