How Can You Use Gender Norms To Your Stylistic Advantage?

*Collaborative post.

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There are so many ways to approach style and your fashion choices that no one can really tell you if you’re ‘doing it wrong,’ unless of course, you’re dressing inappropriately for a certain event or in a public setting, or if you’re wearing an item incorrectly, such as trying to wear a coat backward or wearing a t-shirt inside out.

That said, often style is found when we break the norms or try for something new because it makes us happy. Look at some of the biggest fashion icons in the world and we constantly see their willingness to flip the script.

Think of David Bowie, an international fashion icon in his heyday, who often managed to balance his wardrobe between masculine, feminine, and gender-neutral clothing. Now, you may have a very real sense of who you are, what gender you are, and how you present yourself to the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try the opposite or wear something if you’re interested in it and it pleases you.

But how can you use breaking gender norms, or adopting them for fun, to your stylistic advantage? It’s a good question and might help you enjoy rejuvenating your fashion decisions. Let’s consider a few ways that might happen:

Wear Men’s Clothing For Comfort & Practicality

It can be nice to wear clothes that haven’t been ‘styled’ as much as women’s clothing often is. A nice set of mens clothing can help you feel comfortable and practical, and also make a bold statement. A large sweater, a comfortable set of practical trousers, and large sneakers that help pillow your feet more comfortably but still fit and look stylish, all can be a fantastic choice to make.

Blend & Fuse Both Gender Styles

There’s no rule that says you have to wear one gender style or the other. It can be good to blend them if you like, such as wearing a man’s large denim shirt and women’s denim trousers that fit you more easily – going for that classical American mechanic’s look. Don’t think you have to balance the clothes with one another, it might be that a man’s outfit with women’s accessories and jewellery is for you. Have fun with it. After all – imagine if an artist were to find that they could double the number of colors on their palette for painting. They’d marvel at the creativity they now had access to.

Experiment & Have Fun

When we try something new, we do make mistakes. In ten years, you might look back and think “what did I wear that day?” with a smile on your face. But that’s much better than not experimenting if you wished to. If you want to wear that bold piece of jewellery, go for it. The benefit of this is that you’ll start breaking obligations for other people too. After all, in Ancient Rome many people wore togas, dresses were usual for men, and at other times women were covered from neck to toe because that was the cultural expectation. Have fun experimenting – and put your own stamp on culture!

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