Grammy’s Awards 2013 Worst Dressed

I found it so easy to write this post as there are so many looks I just did not like, like what were they thinking? Here are the worst dressed women of the Grammy’s 2013:

1. Adele: That dress is so ugly, that is the only way I can describe it, and it gets worse as her shoes match her dress.


2. Ashanti: This is just looks wrong, I don’t like the style of this dress. She should have worn her figure hugging dress to show off her beautiful figure or anything else but not this dress.


3. Florence Welch: I am speechless and no that is not a good thing. This dress remains me of the characters in Terrahawks for some weird reason.


4. Beyonce: My problem with Beyonce is she is never consistent. I wonder what was going through her mind when she decided to wear this pantsuit to the Grammy’s. I just wonder. I am still a fan though but not today. She needs to hire Solange’s stylist like yesterday.


5. Tamia: She needs to lose the turban and show off her beautiful hair. The turban ruined her look.






2 responses

  1. Bee needs to hire Solange’s stylist??????????? LMAO. Are U 4 real????? Solange’s dressings are crappier(if there’s a word like that) than her sister’s. My fav among dese is actually Bee den Adele.

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