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I love seeing babies looking stylishly dressed up, It melts my heart every time. I enjoy shopping for myself but I enjoy shopping for my babies more. They grow so fast, you have to get new sizes every three months for the first year which is expensive but fun. I am getting addicted to buying baby clothes and one of my favourite baby store at the moment is Mothercare. I love their very cute baby pieces. It is quite easy to navigate their site which is a plus because I do a lot of online shopping and they have something for every baby which is another plus because I shop for both boy and girl.

Have a look at some of their pieces below and tell me what you think.




Baby Boy



Baby gros

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  1. Babies do grow so fast, that’s why it’s hard for me to swallow paying so much for clothes they will just outgrow. I find all sorts of baby clothes at the thrift store! I post all my treasures on my blog and would love to hear how you think they rank among these stylish outfits.

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