The Light Skinned Woman

Monalisa Chinda

The light-skinned woman has a pale or porcelain complexion. When applying makeup, care needs to be taken so that the colours do not overpower the natural light tones of the hair and eyes. Here are some handy tips to use when applying makeup on the light-skinned woman:

  • Go for a foundation or a moisturizer that blends in well.
  • You can tint your eyelashes and eyebrows to a medium brown colour or make use of a medium brown eye pencil and eye liner.
  • Go for light to medium eye shadow shades.
  • Go for lighter shades of blush than deep tones.
  • Avoid dark lip colours.

One response

  1. I absolutely agree with everything except the avoid dark lipstick rule. I think dark lipstick can be beautiful on light skinned women depending on the shade of course.

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