Who Wore It Better? Mel B Vs. Zoe Saldana


Picture Source: fashionbombdaily

Who wore this Valentino lace dress better? Mel B or Zoe Saldana? Over to you my readers.

Instagram Picture Of The Week – Beyoncé


Beyoncé’s Instagram picture is our Instagram picture of the week and this is the second time she is appearing in this series. I love her Instagram page. She posts pictures on it regularly and the pictures show a different side to her,

Beyoncé is wearing a Topshop print top, matching jacquard trousers and Givenchy white sandals. I love this pose and the outfit is so chic and playful at the same time. She looks like she is in a very happy place right now, which is good. Her fashion sense keeps improving and I will be watching her Instagram page very closely.


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