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Regular readers of Fashion and Style Police would know my love for Japanese skincare products. And how I have been busy lately trying them out. I got a couple of skincare products thanks to M’s trip to Japan, and these Shiseido products are some of them. Prior to trying out these products, I have heard a lot about Shiseido, so the name rang a bell as soon as I saw the products. But this is my first time actually trying products from the brand.


Shiseido Skincare Image



Essential Energy Moisturising Cream £59

The Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream by the Japanese brand – Shisedo, promises to leave the skin looking and feeling moisturised, smooth and luminous.


Essential Energy Day Emulsion £77.18

This Shisedo Essential Energy Day Emulsion features ReNeura Technology™, which helps make skin more responsive to its skincare benefits. This product leaves the skin hydrated.


Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream £53.10

Shisedo Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream also features ReNeura Technology™. It helps elevate the effectiveness of a moisturizing and pro-radiance active ingredient complex to the highest level.


Shiseido Skincare products Image


Here are my thoughts on these skincare products.


  1. These Shiseido skincare products are great in tackling the first signs of ageing.
  2. They are great for all skin types.
  3. The products moisturise the skin, leaving art looking hydrated and vibrant.
  4. I really like the compact packaging.
  5. The products keep the skin protected from hazards throughout the day.
  6. You can grab these products in most beauty stores and online shops.
  7. They are paragon and mineral oil free.


  1. They are quite pricey.


Overall, I would recommend these Shiseido products to women over 30 dealing with the first signs of ageing. I think these skincare products are quite useful, and they do the job perfectly. So it makes sense shopping Shiseido if you can afford to. The products come with a hefty price tag but when it comes to skincare, I have had to learn that you get what you pay for. Quality skincare does not come cheap. And the older we get, the more money we may have to spend on our skincare products.


What do you think of these Shiseido products? Have you used any of them before?

10 responses

  1. I always have to be careful as to what skincare brand I use as I am cruelty free but it is great to hear that it is free from minerals even if like you said it is a bit pricey. That being said if the Japanese skincare brand is cruelty free I would definitely love to give it a whirl.

  2. Sounds like a great skin care product. I don’t care if it’s cost me a lot as long as it’s effective and safe.

  3. I will have to show this to my girlfriend to see what she thinks. She is big into skin care and she would certainly love to know about this. Not sure whether the price tag would be prohibitive though.

  4. So I have heard of Shiseido products but never tried them. I would like to esp if it can help my skin. It’s been acting so weird. Can’t decide what it wants to be. I think it landed on “yes, we are a teen again” phase. LOL

    • Ha I know that phase. My skin was like that a few years ago. So confusing. Try these products. You may love them.

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