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Last month, we spent a few nights at Park Plaza Hotel London. It was my first time staying at the hotel. I have heard quite a lot about it so I was eager to experience it all. The reception was very beautiful. It was the Christmas season, so all the Christmas decorations were out and it was a lovely sight. The reception was quite busy with many people checking in when we got there. It was finally our turn after about 20 minutes but then the check-in process itself was really quick. The concierge helped us with our luggage and then we went off to our room.


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The room was so beautiful. I fell in love with the decor, it was sleek and modern. The artwork on the walls were such a beautiful sight. I have never seen anything like it. All the amenities were spot on and in good working conditions. I loved every part of the room. It was a perfect relaxing environment.

The location of the hotel is also perfect for anyone who wants to stay in central London and explore all what the buzzing city has to offer. We didn’t explore as it was more of a relaxing holiday for us, but the hotel was filled up with tourists and it really gets busy.


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The attention to detail in Park Plaza Hotel London is really good. I love the fact that there were many spots to charge our devices. Many hotels these days only leave a few sockets for some weird reason. We didn’t have this problem at this hotel at all. The cleaning was also properly done every time. The toiletries were replaced everyday and we had more than enough towels.

Another thing I really liked was the setting of the room. The kids had their own section and there was a mini kitchen in between which was so handy. I love being able to store things in a fridge, boil water in a kettle, warm food up in a microwave and wash plates in a sink, when staying in a hotel. I could do all these and more at Park Plaza Hotel London.


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The WIFI was also amazing. I had no issues at all with it and it was free! We had a lovely time at Park Plaza Hotel London and we are looking forward to visiting again.

What do you think of this hotel? You can read up my last hotel review here.


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