How to take care of hair edges

The hair edges are the most fragile part of our hair. They frame the face but break so easily, this is why it is really important to protect them. It takes time to get the hair edges looking healthy but once you start giving it some attention, it blossoms. Here are some ways to help take care of your hair edges:

Do not use heat

I haven’t used heat on my hair in years and my hair thanks me for it. If you want to grow your edges back, one way to do this is to stop using heat. The hair edges are the most fragile part of your hair. If you want to take good care of them, you should apply no heat to your hair edges.

Deep condition your hair

Deep conditioning your hair regularly is a great way to grow your hair (and the edges). You can deep condition your hair twice a month or as often as your hair needs. This will help keep your hair strong and healthy.

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Moisturise the hair edges

It is important to moisturise your hair on a daily basis. The hair edges are the most vulnerable part of the hair so they need extra moisture. I moisturise my entire hair with natural coconut oils and focus a bit more on the edges.

Protect your hair while you sleep

Now this tip is a big one for many of us because our fragile hair edges could get damaged while we sleep. I always wrap my hair in a silk scarf and bonnet for extra protection before I sleep. I make sure I tie the scarf on my forehead and not on the edges to avoid friction. Also, I sleep on silk pillowcases.

Ease off on wigs and protective hair styles

Sometimes it is important to give the hair a break from protective hairstyles and wigs. Just letting the hair be in a loose hair style is a great way to nourish and protect the hair edges. Also, when you do decide to put your hair in a protective style, you can leave out the hair edges to preserve them.

How do you care for your hair edges?


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  1. I use my hairdresser shampoo, conditioner and treatment by Joico which keep my hair in good condition.

    The hair treatment I use once a week on my pamper evening. I use it in the shower, combing it through, wrapping a head towel round it and wash it off in cool water before I get out.

    I do use straighteners so that’s my naughty bit. I don’t use them everyday. I also use a quality hairdryer on cool setting. I wash my hair twice a week so that helps stave off damage. I’m a total Leo over my hair.

    Got instructions from my hairdresser of colour to use whilst we in lockdown. No way would I attempt to cut it. Colour it is a needs must cos of shh “greys” popping through at the routes

    • Good you use a quality hairdryer on cool setting. That should be fine. I love the sound of your hair routine x

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