BDSM Dating Tips

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We have become more opened to different ways of dating as a society and this is really good. Gone are the days with prim and proper ways of dating. Now all you have to worry about is being you. More people can freely date who they want, how they want without having to deal with judgements from others. BDSM dating has really taken off. There are more and more people interested in BDSM hookups. The dating scene is full of diversity and I am loving it. If you are a newbie in BDSM dating and you are interested in how to date safely, here are some BDSM dating tips you will find very useful:

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This is really the first step in any sort of dating but it is particularly important when it comes to BDSM dating. Before you dive into kinky dating, you need to talk things through with your BDSM contacts. You don’t want to assume things but have them all properly spelt out. That way you both know what is expected and there will be no surprises. This is also the time to talk about safe codes and what you will not tolerate in the bedroom.

Trust and Comfort

You must trust your partner and feel comfortable enough to let go if you want to enjoy the process. If you have trust issues, it may be best to heal that first before diving into the dating scene. You don’t want to ruin the experience for both of you. Trust and comfort is especially important in BDSM dating since one person is going to be the dominant character and the other the submissive. You will need to trust and feel comfortable enough to play the roles.

Go Easy

If you are dating someone new, it is best to start small and go easy. You don’t want to go in for the hardcore kinky stuff from day 1. Going easy allows the trust to build and gets you in a comfortable zone. Also, if you are new to the BDSM dating world, you may find it all daunting. This is another reason why going easy is a dating tip.



Be Firm

Set your limits and stick to them. You don’t want to do things that will cause you to feel a certain way. Communicate with your partner stating what you won’t do and areas you won’t go into at all. This way there are no blurred lines.


I left the best tip for last and it is make sure you enjoy yourself. Sometimes the rules of the game may sound exhausting and off putting but once you get into the swing of things, it is all fun and games. Don’t let the rules put you off.


Hopefully these BDSM dating tips would have given you many ideas on how best to proceed safely in this type of dating. With the ongoing pandemic it is important to stick to all the social distancing regulations in your country and date only when it is safe to do so.


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