4 Series I am Watching on Netflix

I have been busy watching some amazing series on Netflix. There are loads of series and movies available on the platform and they keep me very busy. I don’t watch regular TV and I keep my viewing time to a minimal but I do make out time for programmes I like. Here are the series I am currently watching on Netflix:

Top Boy

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I am a huge fan of Toy Boy series and I was super pleased to see the new series back on Netflix. As expected. the new series has been action packed. I have enjoyed every episode with the twists and turns. I love the cast a lot! They bring it fully and every scene is a must-see. My favourite character is Jamie, followed  closely by Dushane Hill.

Top Boy is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already. What do you think?


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Snowpiercier is another amazing season that is keeping me busy on Netflix. I started watching the first season some weeks ago and I am now watching the most recent season. It is quite interesting. I love the storyline a lot! It is quite deep and gives you food for thought. This series is definitely worth a watch if you are after something new.

The Mind Explained

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As a psychology student, I find The Mind Explained mind blowing. It is a great series that explores all that happens in the brain and how mental disorders occur. I love that the episodes are short (roughly around 25 minutes) because it means I can watch more episodes quickly. It also means I won’t get bored watching an episode that goes on and on for too long.

Young, Famous & African

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I have been busy watching this interesting series on Netflix and it is so good. It is a reality show following the lives of some talented African celebrities in South African. I started watching it some days ago and I find I really entertaining. I particularly love the outfits some of the celebs have on. Many of them go all out in the style department; it is refreshing to see.

Have you seen any of these series? Do you like them? What are you currently watching on Netflix? Do sound off in the comments section, let’s chat!

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