Top 3 Cruelty-free Skincare Brands

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I currently use only cruelty-free skincare brands and I love the quality of the skincare products and the fact that they are not tested on animals. Back in the day, I made use of pretty much any kind of skincare product as long as it did the job, but now I am a lot pickier. Cruelty-free brands are the way to go, and I am glad there are some really amazing companies to shop from. If you are interested in shopping from the best cruelty-free skincare brands in the UK, here are some ideas for you:

Top 5 Cruelty-free Skincare Brands

If you are looking to give your skincare routine a plant-based boost, here are the cruelty-free skincare brands you want to shop from:

1. Dermalogica

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I have used many Dermalogica products over the years and I love every one of them. This brand has some of the most amazing cruelty-free skincare products ever. The quality of their products is simply amazing, there is nothing not to like. This Dermalogica Cleansing Gel is a classic example of one of the best cruelty-free anti-aging products on the market. I love how effective this cleanser is. It wipes off every trace of dirt and makeup, leaving the skin smooth and beautiful. If there is a great skincare brand to shop for, it is Dermalogica. I have my eye on a few skincare products I need to try and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. You can shop this Dermalogica Special Cleanser below:

2. The Ordinary

This is another lovely cruelty-free skincare brand. If you are after some of the best vegan skincare brands for a cruelty-free skincare routine, The Ordinary is one brand you should check out. Their skincare products are simply the best and they are all vegan and free from any animal derivatives. If you are after great quality Vegan skincare products, check out The Ordinary.

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The Ordinary’ Anti-Ageing Set is a fun skincare secret weapon for many. It is great for anyone looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. All three products work together to reduce the appearance of ageing and help the skin look more youthful. You can shop this range and more below.

3. e.l.f

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This is another cruelty-free brand that is really close to my heart. e.l.f is one of the best vegan skincare brands out there. I love many of their products and they always perform as expected. This e.l.f hydrating primer is one of my favourite products from the brand. It works amazingly well on the skin. I love the fact that it hydrates and smoothes the skin so well. It also fills in pores and fine lines, leaving the skin looking smooth and flawless. You can shop the product and more via the link below:

These three skincare brands among the best cruelty-free brands in the UK. If you are after skincare products that are not tested on animals, e.l.f, Dermalogica and The Ordinary are the top brands to shop for quality cruelty-free skincare products.

What do you think of these Top 3 Cruelty-free Skincare Brands? Have you tried any of the products before?



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