Product Review: Ted Baker Roses and Cassis Body Spray

I love Ted Baker products a lot! Their bags and footwear always catch my eye, and I have quite a few of them. The brand’s accessories are always so colourful and pretty, great for the spring and summer months. Nowadays I find myself loving Ted Bakers fragrances. I find the scents heavenly and affordable, which is why I am now so drawn to them. Have you tried any of the fragrances by Ted Baker? This amazing Ted Baker Roses and Cassis Body Spray is an amazing fragrance. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it smells divine. It also stays on for ages, which is really good. I love pretty much everything about this Ted Baker Body Spray. It ticks all my fragrance boxes and more.

Product Description

This body spray is chic, bold and very stylish. A rich, velvety touch for oh-so-serious sophistication. With notes of blackcurrant cassis for elegance, style and ultimate opulence in every spritz.

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  • This body spray smells great! I love the fragrance. It is not too overpowering; it is just perfect.
  • I love the simple packaging. It works great and the dark and pink bottle is really pretty.
  •  This product has not been tested on animals
  • It is quite affordable at £6.40 for a 150ml bottle.

None. I love everything this body spray.

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If you are after a new body spray, you should give this body spray a try. It is a great body spray to have in your fragrance collection or to give away as a nice little gift.

What do think of this Ted Baker Roses and Cassis Body Spray? Have you tried it before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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3 Benefits of Going For a More Streamlined Aesthetic in Your Home Life

*Collaborative post.

3 Benefits of Going For a More Streamlined Aesthetic in Your Home Life picture

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What sort of aesthetic do you have going on in your home? Is it the kind of thing you would describe as “streamlined,” or is it a bit more haphazard, clunky, and cluttered?

The idea of a streamlined home aesthetic tends to go hand-in-hand with things like a minimalist ethos, and with modern design trends — such as the famous Scandinavian noir looks that have become increasingly popular.

Ultimately, going for a more streamlined aesthetic in your home can yield some pretty significant benefits that may not necessarily be immediately apparent upfront, including more energy and motivation to direct to hobby projects.

Here are just a few of the benefits of going for a more streamlined aesthetic in your home life.

Things are often easier to manage when they’re more streamlined and minimalist

One of the big reasons why Mac computers and Apple products, in general, are so well regarded, is the fact that they feature a very streamlined, minimalist, and visually appealing interface — which means that they are relatively easy to navigate and maintain.

You can look up the original article on CleanMyMac, on freeing up Mac disk space — but suffice to say the same simplicity-related benefits that come from using a Mac also apply to having a more streamlined aesthetic in your home, in general.

When your home is tidy and well organised, with everything where it should be, and without over-cluttering, it will just generally be a lot easier to stay on top of chores, deal with various tasks, find things you’ve been looking for, and so on.

A streamlined aesthetic can help to promote feelings of calm and balance

Do you find that you tend to feel more in control, calm and balanced when you are in environments that are well maintained and that have a clear and visually pleasing design aesthetic to them?

If you do, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is a totally normal response — as the nature of the environments we find ourselves in will always have a lot to do with how we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Emphasising a more streamlined home aesthetic is likely to help you to feel your best at any given time.

A streamlined aesthetic can help to promote momentum and activity

Maybe you’d like to lead a more active and outgoing life in general? To take up different hobbies and projects, sign up for various classes, and to lead a proactive and adventurous life in general?

If so, the overall aesthetic that you nurture in your home can have a big impact on the degree of momentum that you experience on a regular basis.

If your home is streamlined and organised, it’s quite likely that you’ll find yourself more motivated to jump up and get moving moment by moment, as opposed to feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and spending your free time glued to your sofa or your bed.

Aiming to keep clutter on the low side can be very helpful here in and of itself, but a streamlined aesthetic — specifically — can have significant additional benefits.


4 Series I am Watching on Netflix

I have been busy watching some amazing series on Netflix. There are loads of series and movies available on the platform and they keep me very busy. I don’t watch regular TV and I keep my viewing time to a minimal but I do make out time for programmes I like. Here are the series I am currently watching on Netflix:

Top Boy

Netflix series image

I am a huge fan of Toy Boy series and I was super pleased to see the new series back on Netflix. As expected. the new series has been action packed. I have enjoyed every episode with the twists and turns. I love the cast a lot! They bring it fully and every scene is a must-see. My favourite character is Jamie, followed  closely by Dushane Hill.

Top Boy is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already. What do you think?


UK Blogger image

Snowpiercier is another amazing season that is keeping me busy on Netflix. I started watching the first season some weeks ago and I am now watching the most recent season. It is quite interesting. I love the storyline a lot! It is quite deep and gives you food for thought. This series is definitely worth a watch if you are after something new.

The Mind Explained

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As a psychology student, I find The Mind Explained mind blowing. It is a great series that explores all that happens in the brain and how mental disorders occur. I love that the episodes are short (roughly around 25 minutes) because it means I can watch more episodes quickly. It also means I won’t get bored watching an episode that goes on and on for too long.

Young, Famous & African

Young, Famous & African picture

I have been busy watching this interesting series on Netflix and it is so good. It is a reality show following the lives of some talented African celebrities in South African. I started watching it some days ago and I find I really entertaining. I particularly love the outfits some of the celebs have on. Many of them go all out in the style department; it is refreshing to see.

Have you seen any of these series? Do you like them? What are you currently watching on Netflix? Do sound off in the comments section, let’s chat!

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