6 styling tips to improve your personal style

Improving your personal style transcends spending a fortune on wardrobe changes or fashion trends. It is all about being authentic and working with styles that resonate with this. 

If you are looking to elevate your personal style and look your best? You are in luck! In this post, we share simple tips to help you cultivate your unique look and boost your confidence. 

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Explore your Wardrobe

Start by checking out your wardrobe. Improving your personal style works the same way as building any other habit. As a result, intentionality is critical. An excellent way to start is by dressing up regardless of whether or not there’s an occasion. This is a great way to explore your wardrobe and identify styles you naturally gravitate towards. Also, you could take stock of what you have and what is missing from your wardrobe. 

Pay attention to your Body type and skin tone

Finding and developing a personal style is a personal journey, and your personality plays a huge role. Understanding your body style can steer you in the right direction.

By understanding your body type and paying attention to your skin tone, you can opt for clothes that accentuate your body type while making your skin pop. 

Shop Strategically

If you’ve always been jumping on every fashion trend, it’s high time you dropped that habit. 

Aside from wasting valuable cash, one backlash of jumping on fashion trends or impulse buying is that you would usually end up with a pile of clothes you’ll probably never wear because they just do not fit.

It’s time to break that habit. After exploring your wardrobe, you should be able to create a list of items you need. Let those be the priority when you go shopping. You can always add other things that interest you to a wishlist instead of buying them right off the rack.

Incorporate textures 

Whether you are a fan of basic clothing or have a ton of them lying in your wardrobe, incorporating textures is a sure way to elevate that basic look.

Adding textures like leather, metallics, cashmere, and silk to your collection and pairing them with your basic staples can be a great way to look chic and elevated.

Pay attention to your footwear

Whenever you feel your outfit is just not it, check your footwear. They can literally make or break your look. The best part about investing in footwear is how effortlessly they complement your look and their versatility. From ballet flats and loafers to trendy sneakers, footwear is totally worth the hype.


Timeless accessories are a must-have. Whether it is a delicate pendant or a statement earring, accessorising delivers that final touch of class your outfit needs. Don’t sleep on accessories!

Having a wardrobe that exudes your personal style can be a great confidence boost. You would be ever ready to step up in style and no longer feel anxious about selecting what to wear. 


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