Here’s Why Golden Goose Sneakers are Still So Popular Despite Today’s Smart Alternatives

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Especially when it comes to casual wear, there’s something about sneakers that gives them an upper hand over other types of shoes. For starters, they are often lightweight, soft, and extremely comfy. Most importantly, they just look cool and fashionable when worn to dress-down occasions and semi-formal events alike. There is a wide variety of styles, designs, and brands available for sneakers. You might also consider picking up a graphic tee or two. Fashionable and fun, you can wear them with your favorite sneakers, especially if they are specifically designed to go with them. Online retailers like Sneaker Release Tees have them available.

Now, speaking of brands, one brand of pre-distressed Italian sneakers has remained popular for ages. These are the famous Golden Goose kicks, which some people like to call “ugly” yet cool sneakers!

What are Smart Sneakers? 

Over the past few years, some of the biggest footwear fashion brands have released technology-inspired versions that can do anything from guiding your route to tying the laces automatically from the tap of a smartphone app. Moreover, some of these sneakers often come with inbuilt sensors that detect and monitor environmental conditions like light, sound, altitude, geo-position, and so forth.

But why are the good old Golden Goose shoes (which are basically hand-made) still a thrill in the eyes of many sneaker enthusiasts?

Why Golden Goose Sneakers Are So Popular 

Given their popularity, anyone can be compelled to wonder what is unique about these sneakers. Well, to begin with, Golden Goose sneakers were launched more than two decades ago in 2000 by founders Alessandro Gallo and Francesca as a deluxe brand. Both had a flammable passion for art and fashion, so they ended up seeking inspiration from Italian handcraft and the Southern California skate culture.

This unique story of how these sneakers were born is perhaps one of the reasons they remain popular to date. This is not to mention that, just like some types of clothing such as denim, they come pre-distressed and are made purposely to look “ugly cool”. But what other reasons could explain their high costs and popularity?

The uniqueness of Handmade Sneakers 

If you pay a keen eye to the luxury fashion space, you might have noticed how highly-regarded precision and consistency can be. On the flipside, handcrafted items are highly appreciated especially if they look cool and unique. It also means that each pair of sneakers from Golden Goose’s factor is virtually unique! Moreover, the manufactory introduces new styles, finishes, and treatments seasonally, so you can easily have a closet rack full of these sneakers, each pair different from the other.

Quality Materials 

Finally, Golden Goose is known to use superior quality material for all its footwear products, just like many other Italian shoe brands. Some materials used to make these ugly sneakers include calfskin leather (full-grain), loopback cotton lining, and superior cotton laces. Some people like to look at them as undercover luxury sneakers that may be imitated but hardly duplicated.

Popularity Reasons Summary 
  • Handcrafted Distressed 
  • Quality Materials 
  • Expensive to produce 
  • Complex designs and patterns 

Are you still wondering what’s special about Golden Goose and their sneakers? Anyone’s guess would be that you now know why if at all you’re not curious to try them or check them out. The only small caveat is that Golden Goose sneakers can be rather expensive, which should be a good and obvious thing to expect if you really know the worth of some good sneakers. All in all, they’re popular, fashionable, and cool for the various reasons listed above.  




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