Enhancing The Long Nose


Having strong features, like a long nose like Sarah Jessica Parker’s could make some women consider plastic surgery. Before taking this extreme step to alter the shape of your nose, follow these two simple steps when applying your makeup:

  • Shade underneath the base of the nose with a darker shade of foundation or bronzing powder. This will create the illusion of a shorter nose. I recommend the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder. It is available in various shades for all skin tones, and I use the deep golden brown shade. You can grab yours for £28.


  • Apply iridescent highlighter to the edge of the nostrils to enable the nose appear shorter.

Extra Tip: If you wear glasses, look for frames that have a low bridge. A pair of glasses with a low bridge will not draw any additional attention to your nose.I wear glasses but I wear contact lenses more, and Boots Opticians have been my suppliers for both for over three years now. They have some stylish and affordable basic frames, and designer ones as well.

Follow these steps and I am sure you will notice a change in your look. Thanks for reading and do share.

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