Fall 2022 fashion trends

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The fashion trends Fall 2022 have brought back the sexuality that was simmered down at the height of the pandemic. Everyone wants to feel sexy once in a while, which is why these trends are booming both online and offline – everyone misses the empowered feeling of wearing something sexy. However, this sexuality is not stereotypical, it has a lot of irony, playfulness, vintage aesthetics, does not distinguish gender, and is nostalgic for the best times in the history of fashion. So, let’s explore fall trends further.
Fall trends 2022: Zara leather blazer image

A fall wardrobe will always be incomplete without leather. In 2022, fashion trends dictate unique and bold fall looks: sleeveless jackets, motorcycle jackets, and biker pants. Bold representatives of street style combine everything in one outfit. You can wear a motorcycle jacket with black classic wide-leg pants and closed shoes with a platform or elegant high heels. Complement your fall style with black or yellow glasses.

If you choose a leather plus size trench coat, look for a version with a custom cut, voluminous shoulders, fringe, or metal rivets. A classic Zara leather blazer is a more relaxed option. Wear it with a plain white shirt or polo shirt and black Amiri women’s jeans with a wide or straight cut.

Maxi dresses and skirts

2022 fashion trends: maxi dresses and skirts image

Now, the most stylish dresses are pleated feminine maxi dresses and skirts made of weightless fabric in neutral colors. Fall Fashion Trends 2022 examples include:

  • tulle;
  • ruffles;
  • vintage;
  • monochrome color trends;
  • white is top fashion.

Fashion continues to be inspired by Dickens’ characters, reinterpreting them in a modern way. Therefore, the fashion trend with feminine dresses is unexpectedly complemented by bright Crocs on tights, Maison Margiela tabs, or gothic boots.

Corsets and a slim waistline
Corsets: plus size fall outfits image

Fall fashion again turns to the theme of sexuality. This includes emphasizing the waist with different clothing styles and accessories. One example is a corset worn over a voluminous shirt. These trending clothes can be worn even on the bare body, but you can also combine them with interesting bottoms like baggy jeans.

Diversity and Bodypositivity continue to grow in popularity. Gentle self-care is also trending, such as non invasive belly fat removal – a quick and effective body transformation without surgery that emphasizes and slims down your waist.

Button up shirts

The classic button-up shirt still remains a timeless trend. This year, you should wear a cozy and voluminous button-down oversize version of the good old button-up. White is good, but blue stripes are even better. Create a casual and relaxed look with handmade cutouts and decorated Amiri Jeans or more understated New Day pants.

Dark academia outfits image

An interesting trend in recent seasons is Dark Academia clothing. Youth TikTok subculture, inspired by The Secret History, Harry Potter and Dead Poets Society, gothic architecture, and art, multiplied by the aesthetics of social networks, gave us a great example to follow. The key elements of dark academia outfits are:

  • white shirts, cardigans, jackets, plaid skirts;
  • oxford shoes; you can also try a knee-high boots outfit;
  • a natural palette with a bias toward darker tones – browns, dark greens, navy blues, black; plus a basic cool white, beige;
  • gender-fluidity;
  • accessories from the 1930s-1940s fashion, backpacks, books, academic, higher education, and prep school aesthetics.
Cargo Bottoms

Cargo pants picture

Plus-size fall outfits have been complemented by cargo pants with patch pockets. A straight cut or transformer with ties at the bottom is massively popular. Massive Big Smith Overalls appeared in fall collections and street looks during Fashion Week. Streetwear cargo pants look best in khaki color but feel free to experiment. The casual cut is just what you need to nail the fashionable fall wardrobe essentials.

Cozy Coats

Trending clothes fall 2022 picture

Fall is a time for coats, which is why many people adore this season. Most fall trends are associated with comfort, so we tend to choose outerwear that’s large, warming, and resembling a bathrobe. You can find many different textures and colors to suit your personal preferences.

Faux fur accessories

Faux fur accessories in fall wardrobe picture

Fall fashion trends this year are filled with nostalgia. Fashionistas choose faux fur in bright shades, from purple to burgundy, in combination with stylish outerwear and catchy accents like large buttons, chains, contrasting patterns, animal prints, and croc gloves.

Fall outfits made of leather are spectacularly complemented by fur accessories: hats, scarves, sleeves, handbags, and shoes.


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