Who Wore Givenchy Best? Fergie vs La La Anthony

Fergie and La La Anthony are both wearing the same Givenchy Resort 2012 dress. Do you like this dress? Who wore it best? Fergie or La La?


Picture Source: posh24.com

Top Fashion Trends of 2012

Here are the best fashion trends of 2012:

1. Peplums – The peplum trend came back into fashion in 2011 (after being away for over half a century) but fully came alive in 2012. The peplum can be styled in various ways; this very feminine trend adds a new dimension to skirt suits for the classic office look and can be worn over thin layers for a chic look. I am a big fan of the peplum trend.


Picture Source: redcarpet-fashionawards.com


Picture Source: bdci.tv

2. Leather –  The leather trend also came back into fashion with a bang this year. Leather is usually used for bags, footwear and watches but this year we see leather everywhere in jackets, tops, trousers, skirts and even dresses. I hope this trend stays on for a very long time.


Picture Source: uk.omg.yahoo.com


Picture Source: uk.omg.yahoo.com

3. Animal Prints – Leopard, zebra and snake-skin prints were reintroduced into fashion this year as well. This bold trend is so cool. I totally dig this trend, it gives every woman this fierce sexy look. I plan to add more animal prints into my wardrobe next year. I definitely want to see more of the prints.


Picture Source: beccamulwa.blogspot.com


4. Neon – This Neon trend came back in a big way this spring. The Neon trend is so fresh and colourful, it adds a bit of fun to your overall look. This is definitely a keeper. Check out these celebs embracing the neon trend below:


Picture Source: www2.emmagem.com

celebreties in neon

Picture Source: memypendown.blogspot.com

What do you think of these trends? Which is your favourite and which is your least favourite?

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