5 Countries to Explore in Europe

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I have travelled quite a bit over the years, and Europe is one continent I have explored. There are still many countries I would love to visit and revisit at some point in the future, and European countries are high on my travel list. Europe is a beautiful continent to explore and there are many lovely countries to visit. Here are some of the 5 countries I have visited in Europe, there are also my top 5 countries to explore in Europe –


Italy Image

I visited Milan five years ago for my and I loved it. It is such an amazing city full of lovely places to explore. We had a fantastic time. The Sheraton Hotel we stayed in was spectacular and the food was really good too!

I found the shops very exciting which is not surprising since Milan is the city of fashion. Visiting Milan again would be a dream come true. I would also love to explore other parts of Italy like Rome and Vernice.


I visited Dublin, Ireland many years ago. It was my first time in the lovely country; we came in for a wedding so it was a quick weekend visit. I had a great time in the city. The food was good and the hotel was fab too! If you are considering planning a vacation to Ireland, my advice would be for you to go for it. There’s a lot to see and I know I will be visiting Dublin again in the future.


Disney Image

Now Paris is one city I have visited many times. It is a great place to explore in Europe. On one of our trips, we were lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris and it was epic. Although the theme park was really busy, we had an amazing time and I would love to explore the park again. Paris is definitely worth visiting and I know I will be exploring other France at some point as well.


We visited Dusseldorf many years ago. It was our first visit to Germany and we had a fantastic time. There was a lot to see and explore. The city was clean, peaceful, and not too busy, which was great for us as we were travelling with our twins who were still babies then. I would love to explore other parts of Germany in the near future and Berlin is at the top of my list.


We enjoyed our short weekend exploring Amsterdam many years ago. Our trip was short but very sweet. We had the opportunity to see some fab spots. I remember us getting on a boat ride with the kids and it allowed explore the city really well. I would love to visit again and stay a little longer this time.

What do you think of these travel locations? Have you visited any? Which city/country would you like to explore next? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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Fashion Diva of the Week (Enajite)

Our fashion diva of the week is Enajite from Lagos Nigeria.


She is wearing yellow pants, animal print top and red sandals all by Zara. Lovely look.


Here, our fashion diva is wearing blue pants, a pink top, a grey sweater and pink sandals all by Zara. She is definitely a real Zara Woman.


For her final look, Enajite is wearing a blue dress ba Papaya and a shoe and bag are from a store in Italy.

If you want to feature as a fashion diva of the week, please send full length pictures of yourself and a brief description of what you have on to fashionandstylepolice@gmail.com

Have a lovely day


Fashion Diva of the Week (Raffaella)

Our fashion diva of the week is the beautiful Raffaella Anane from London.


Raffa is wearing a lilac shirt by George, a waist coat and skinny jeans by Primark. She accessorised her look with a pair of wedged heel ankle boots by Barratts and a silver cross necklace from Ebay – I love this look.


Our fashion diva is wearing a black lace top from Asos, white petite high waist trousers by Next and pink and black high heel shoes also by Next – Cute.


Here, Raffa is dressed in a white blouse with black butterflies by Next, pink shorts by Primark and a blue blazer from Ebay. She accessorised her look with a pair of ballerina styled shoes by Puma and a blue and pink bag by Next – Nice.


For her final look, Raffa is dressed in black blouse from TK Maxx, white petite high waist trousers by Next and black waist coat from Ebay. Her look is accessorised with a pair of white wedged sandals by New Look, white and gold large hoop earrings by Accessories, a white and black bangle by Claire’s and a black and gold watch from a market in Italy

I love her fresh look and style. It is very different.

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading.

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