How to pick the right winter jacket

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The chill is in the air, and winter is on the way! It’s getting really cold where I am at, especially in the mornings when I am doing the school run. I have started wearing my winter gear and the heating now comes on quite regularly. Winter fashion is all about layers, and the winter jacket is a major fashion staple this season. You want your winter jacket to be both practical and stylish. If you are on the hunt for a new winter coat to stay warm and look good this season, here are some shopping tips you may find handy to know.

How to pick the right winter jacket

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Go for quality over quantity

Like with many things, when it comes to shopping for winter jackets, it’s important to opt for quality over quantity. Having 2 or 3 stylish and practical winter jackets is better than having 5 or 6 low quality jackets. I prefer investing a little more on my outerwear to keep me protected from the elements at play. Lands’ End have an amazing collection of winter jackets and coats for women, and their pieces are very stylish, high-quality, and also functional. You can check out the women’s winter coat and jacket collection for lots of ideas. There is definitely a piece for every women in Lands’ End Winter Jacket collection.

Opt for different styles

You can shop for quality winter coats in different styles to spice up your winter collection. It’s a great idea to have winter jackets in various styles for different events. For instance, you can have a formal winter coat for formal events, a padded casual jacket for colder days spent mainly outdoors. Having winter jackets in different styles means you always have something to wear, and then you can focus on changing some accessories to recreate different looks.

Look out for jackets with pockets

I like my winter jackets having many pockets for essentials. They are also nice to have for very cold days when the gloves are not warning up as much as I would like. Being able to tuck my fingers into the pockets helps a lot when it’s freezing. So it’s so nice to see more winter jackets with pockets as they are super practical. The depth and the location of the pockets also matters, so check to see they meet your requirements before you buy. I like to have some deep pockets and some shallow, and their location is also important to me. Lands’ End has many different designs in their winter jackets for women collection, and the depth and location of the pockets work for me, so it’s worth having a look on their website.

Go for waterproof pieces

There has been a lot rain in the past few weeks here in Cheshire, and pretty much in the whole of the UK. Sometimes, I wonder if it is spring with all the rain we have been having. A waterproof coat is a winter essential, so check before you buy this season. The last thing you would want is to spend money on a new jacket only to realise it is not as waterproof or as padded as you thought it would. Remember, if doubt, check again.

It is the season of layering and wrapping up! As you shop for your winter essentials, do check that they meet your requirements of warmth, dryness, fashion, and style.

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