3 Awesome Essentials For Your Newborn Baby

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If you are eagerly awaiting the patter of tiny feet and you are busy nesting, the chances are that you are racking your brain trying to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything for your imminent arrival. Being a first-time mom can be worrying at the best of times, but couple this with a global pandemic and you may be fretting a little more than most. Firstly, breathe. Your best will be good enough. However, if you need a little help to ensure that you have thought of everything, take a look at these three essentials for your newborn that should be waiting in your home right now.

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Moses Basket

Yes, a crib is essential, but for those very early weeks when you first bring your little darling home, you need to consider the joys of a Moses basket. These smaller, more compact, and lighter mobile cribs mean that you can have your little one lying next to you wherever you are in the home. Because these baskets are so light, your baby can enjoy a gentle rocking motion as you try and coax them to sleep. You can even detach the crib section to carry outside. A Moses basket is ideal as you can enjoy your newborn sleeping at the end of your bed at least for the first few weeks of their lives. This deepens your bond and means that you can hear every movement and cry when they are first getting used to their sleep pattern.


A great stroller will double up as an entire travel system for your little cherub. Head to a site like For Your Little One and explore the wide variety of strollers and travel systems on offer. Many double up to create a pushchair and a car seat. Their locking in systems means that the jigsaw of a travel unit that you buy will be safe, secure, and all-in-one. This can save you carrying around bulkier items when this isn’t needed. Hauck has released to the market some incredible trio sets that will give you the luxury of having a stroller, crib, and car seat all in one compact entity. Stressless travel is crucial to make your life as a first time mom just that little bit easier.

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While you might be busy thinking about specific items that your little one needs, it pays to consider the sort of food that your child may eat. If you leave food prep to when your little one is here, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Instead, you need to get cooking while you are in the nesting stage. You might want to cook up some hearty organic grub to give your little darling the best start in life. Or perhaps you want to buy in your little one’s food. This is okay. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the ultimate earth mother and consider the quality time you can spend with your baby as of utmost importance. As long as your newborn is having formula or milk for the first few months, they will be receiving their nutrition before you move them onto proper food.

Follow this simple guide and you can consider these three awesome essentials for your newborn baby.



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