Selfridges Celebrates Nigeria with Ndani

After visiting Lagos Fashion and Design week shows in October, Selfridges has selected the finest pieces from the spring/summer collection 2013 collection for Ndani which means “inside” in Swahili. Ndani is located in Selfridges Oxford Street . This is a great location for this project as the Oxford Street in London attracts tourists from all over the world.



“We’ve taken note of the development of the fashion scene over there for the past couple of years,” says Judd Crane, the store’s director of womenswear, “and have been thinking of bringing it to London for a while – it was just a matter of time. With a strong resurgence of prints, patterns, bold colours and Africana in the recent collections from more established international brands, it felt right this year to demonstrate the power and originality of fashion from Africa .”

The Ndani project focuses on five established Nigerian fashion designers which are below:

  1. Tiffany Amber


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2. Jewel by Lisa


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3. Odio Mimonet


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4. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi


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5. Eki Orleans


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There are also other pieces from the following upcoming Nigerian fashion designers

1. Agu Anumudu


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2. House of Silk Jennifer Adighije


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3. DOT Handbags by Dorothy Ughenu


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4. Ituen Basi


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Ndani, the Nigerian Fashion Project at Selfridges runs from 1 December until January on 2 at Selfridges London.

Happy shopping and thanks for reading.


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