Essential Beauty Tools

There are some beauty tools you should not live without. Apart from make-up brushes, which we discussed last week, every woman will need these items in order to apply, correct, remove and improve your make-up.  They are as follows:

Cotton wool pads

This disposable pads are used for removing eye make-up and for applying cleansers, toners and loose powders.


Sponges come in different shapes and sizes. They are best for blending in foundations and concealers.


Cotton buds

These are used to tidy up make-up smudges or mistakes.

Pencil Sharpeners

Every woman should have a pencil sharpener in her make-up bag. Ensure you get one specially made for eye and lip pencils. An ordinary pencil sharpener may break the soft lead in the pencil.


Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are used to give the eye lashes extra lift and curl. Go for the metal eye lash curlers.


This beauty tool is used for plucking unwanted hair. It is a necessity.


Velour Powder Puff

This is used to press on face powder to give a smooth finish.


Which beauty tool can you not live without?

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