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I have been reading to my twins since they were babies. That is partly because I love reading and have books everywhere in our house. But it is also because I know the importance of reading to kids. Extensive research has been carried over the years, and it has shown that a child who reads for pleasure will do better at school.  It has also shown that a family who read books together would have the opportunity to bond and talk about the day more. Now this is a win-win for me, which is why it is always time to read in our house.

There is an opportunity to win a Book Bundle from BookTrust Time to Read Campaign. All the giveaway details would be at the end of the post.


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Like I said, I have been reading to the kiddies since they were born and have carried on doing so even now that they are now in Reception year. They enjoy reading a lot and have many books in their bookshelves. Having bookshelves in their bedroom encourages them to keep reading as they can reach the books they want to read themselves.


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The Benefits of Reading to Children

I could go on and on about the many benefits of reading to your children but I will just list the top 3 benefits here.


It is a great way to bond with your children

I read to kiddies everyday when I can, and I encourage them to open a book on their day each day too. Reading together is a great way to bond with children. We can easily spend an hour reading book after book in our house, and the kids look forward to the reading time. Having both kids on my laps as I read to them is so precious. Reading to kids is time well spent.


Reading to kids helps them perform better at school

when it comes to educating your kids, reading is at the top of the list. Reading to children helps them perform better at school even in subjects like Maths. When you read to kids, it helps the child’s development. It helps your child get to know sounds, words and language. Reading helps children develop early literacy skills which also help them excel in other subjects at school. The kids pick up on new words and sounds when we read together, which is fantastic.


Helps the children stay creative

Colourful books with great illustrations help children become more creative and think independently. I find my kids tend to interpret the illustrations they see before I even start reading. Their imagination brings the books to life, and it helps them stay creative which is fantastic.



Time to Read Children’s Books Bundle

We received this Time to Read Children’s Books Bundle some weeks ago and we have been busy reading the books. The kiddies love all the books in the bundle and I can see why. Their current favourites are Little Monkey by Marta Altes and First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd. All 6 books tell an interesting story they can relate to. Plus they are filled with colourful illustrations that the kids find very fascinating.


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First Day at Bug School By Sam Lloyd

The kiddies found this book very relatable as they just started Reception. They kept comparing the Bug School to their “Big School”, which was fun to listen to. I like this book a lot because it got them talking about what they do in their school, which I found very informing.

First Day at Bug School Book helped settle the kids into their new school routine. They liked the idea of going to Primary School, and have been looking forward to going all summer. But it was a new experience for them with the early starts and longer school days. and I think us reading this book together calmed their nerves and helped settle the twins into their new school routine.

This book is great read for kids starting school for the first time.


I AM AN ARTIST By Marta Alters

My kids found this book really funny and loved colourful illustrations. The little boy in the book was up to all sorts of mischief – writing on the walls, painting the furniture and all. He thought he was an Artist and needed to express himself everywhere. His Mum wasn’t impressed and I bet we Mums can relate.


Vera Jewel is Late for School By Nicola Kent

This book was an interesting read. We all enjoyed it and it is another favourite in our house. My daughter is a huge fan of Vera Jewel. She thinks she is cool! This book is another great option for kids starting school as it is all about Vera Jewel school run journey.



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YOU’RE CALLED WHAT? By Kes Gray and Nicki Dyson

This book was hilarious! We laughed as we turned each page. It is a great funny read and the kids enjoyed making fun of the crazy funny names. I found some of the names very funny as well. The writers have a great sense of humour for sure.


Little Monkey by Marta Altes

This Little Monkey is another current favourite. It tells the story of a little brave Monkey. The Kiddies find this book very entertaining and are always reading it. The Little Monkey is an inspiration in our house.


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Time to Read Giveaway Details

There is an opportunity for one lucky reader to win this Book Bundle. Here are all what you need to do to take part in this giveaway –


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This giveaway is open to all UK residents 18 years and over. It ends 1st October at 10pm. I will contact the winner on Twitter.


What do you think of these books? Do find out more about the Time to Read campaign, visit for more information. Also, I will be taking part in the Time to Read Twitter Party on Thursday 20th September 8pm – 9pm. You can join in to chat about reading to children and win book vouchers. The hashtag is #TimeToRead and the Twitter handle is @BookTrust

See you there!


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