Worst Dressed Women At The Emmys 2014

Here are my worst dressed women at the Emmys 2014:

1. Sarah Pulson


This is a very ugly dress in my opinion. It looks all over the place and does nothing for Sarah’s body shape. Wrong choice.

2. Betsy Brandt


Betsy Brandt is wearing an Alice + Olivia floral dress that just doesn’t work on the red carpet. The fabric looks very ugly and the dress just looks plain. It is not good enough for the Emmys. Sorry Betsy.

3. Lena Dunham


Now Lena Dunham being on the worst dressed list doesn’t surprise me. She has a permanent slot on Fashion and Style Police as one of the worst dressed women on television but I still love her. She is a fantastic actress and Girls is one of my favorite TV shows. Now back to the issue at hand, this dress is like every other dress she has in her wardrobe. Ugly.

4. Taissa Farmiga


This dress looks wrong with the fabric underneath the lace. Taissa Farmiga would have looked better in a different dress. This dress does nothing for her. Another wrong choice.

5. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

I get the look Laura Prepon was going for but this dress may have looked better in a different colour, say black for example. The collar design also looks out-of-place just hanging there.

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5 Worst Dressed Women At Emmys 2013

The worst dressed women at the Emmys 2013 are as follows

1. Claire Danes: This dress will look so good on a woman with a fuller bust. Claire Danes does not look good in this Armani Prive dress at all.


2. Julianne Hough: Julianne Hough wore this Jenny Packman dress to the Emmys. I think the dress does not have a good fit on her and I do not like the design. Sorry Julianne.


3. Lena Dunham: My worst dressed list will never be complete without Lena Dunham. I love Lena, I think she is one of the funniest women on tv but she never looks good in anything. She wore this ugly Prada dress to the Emmys 2013 and she looked dreadful.


4. Amanda Peet: Amanda Peet wore this black frock by Erdem. I do not like the style of the dress or the ‘all black look’.


4. Linda Cardellini: Linda Cardellini wore this Donna Karen Atelier dress to the Emmys 2013. I think she would have nailed this look with a different hair-do, like a bun style instead of leaving her hair down. There just seems to be a lot going on (and this is not a good thing) with this look.


5. Zosia Mamet: Zosia Mamet wore this funny looking custom-made Honour gown. This dress looks horrible and it did nothing to flatter her figure. She needs to change her stylist fast if she has one.


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