Common Skin Problems

Most of us will experience some form of skin issue at some point in our lives. It could be caused by stress, hormonal changes, diet, poor health, medication or a wrong skin routine. The common skin problems are as follows:

1. Blackheads:


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A blackhead is a plug of sebum that is trapped in the sebaceous gland duct and oxidizes on contact with air, turning it black. Blackheads can be avoided by maintaining the right skin routine and using the right products for your skin. Thorough cleansing, exfoliating and skin moisturising will eventually give you a smooth and clear skin. Also, avoid squeezing the blackheads on your skin, this could worsen the issue and lead to an infection.

2. Whiteheads:

Whiteheads also known as Milia are tiny pearly white, sometimes pale yellow bumps that appear under the surface of the skin. Facial exfoliating with a facial brush is a great way to clear whiteheads. A simple facial sauna will also help remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin leaving a clean and clear skin, free from whiteheads.


3. Open Skin Pores:

Open or enlarged skin pores are pores that are very visible to the naked eye. They usually attract dirt and grime which can get trapped. If you have this skin issue, good cleansing, toning and exfoliating will help minimise the appearance of the skin pores. Also, avoid using facial wipes, which can only result in an overproduction of sebum, which can cause open pores.


4. Acne:

Acne is a clinical condition where the skin is infected and is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, scarring and scaly red skin. It is usually caused by the overproduction of testosterone. The best way to avoid having acne is to stay clear of skin products that will cause the skin to produce more oils, such as alcohol-based cleaners.

Use products that are designed for oily skins but not oil-stripping ones, wash make-up brushes and foundation sponges regularly to avoid infection. In severe acne cases, see a dermatologist.

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