Age-proof Your Make-up (Women In Their Twenties)

It is important to put on an age appropriate makeup. As you grow older your skin changes. The skin care routine or makeup that worked for you in your teen years may not work for you in your twenties. Wearing your make-up correctly will improve your general appearance and disguise minor signs of ageing. In your twenties, you should have little or no signs of ageing which means you can experiment with various skin care routines till you find the right routine for your skin, you can decide not to use night and eye creams, or decide not to have facial workout exercises, you may also be lucky enough not to have to wear very much makeup.


Age-proofing your makeup in your twenties is quite easy compared to other decades. Just make sure you

Shape your eyebrows regularly


Bushy eyebrows make your face look untidy. I thread my eyebrows every 6 weeks and I recommend threading to every woman because you get the perfect shape and for longer as the hairs do not grow back as quickly unlike when you wax or pluck. The only downside is the pain but you get use to it after some sessions.

Use the right foundation, powder, blush, concealer, lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses

Using the right make-up for your skin will add definition, colour and a sense of fashion to your overall appearance. Remember to use the appropriate products and colours for your colouring type. Check out my previous posts on creating a flawless finish for more tips on creating a flawless finish for women in their twenties.




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