Age-proof Your Make-up (Women In Their Fifties)


Most women in their fifties usually tackle changes to their muscle tone and face texture, which is all down to the dreaded hormonal changes that occur after menopause.  Some women usually start contemplating undergoing plastic surgery to retain their youthful look.

Before you consider that, I have ten ways to give a fifty year old a face lift without the surgeon’s knife:

1. Make use of brown mascaras insted of black, they flatter the eyes more.

2. Define your eyebrows.

3. Use a skin serum underneath your moisturizer daily.

4. Nourish your face with a night cream and eye cream every night.

5. Cleanse and tone your face with cleansers and skin fresheners twice a day.

6. Go for lotions and creams that contain vitamins C and E.

7. Go for light textured foundations, fine lines will show up more with heavier foundations.

8. Go for natural shades for eyes and lips.

9. Exfoliate once a week.

10. Use a firming, moisturizer mask once a week.

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