Instagram Picture Of The Week – Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner has a very busy Instagram account filled with all sorts of interesting pictures but this picture stands out from the rest and it is our Instagram picture of the week. Kendall Jenner poses for Love Autumn/Winter 2014 and she looks fantastic doing it. I am so happy for her. She has taken her modelling career very seriously, so seriously that it is rumoured she is quitting Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show. It looks to me that she has her thinking cap on. Good for her. Kendall Jenner is a young smart woman.

Picture Source: Instagram

Face Shapes: How To Enhance An Oval Face

Oval Face

Beauty products exist to help correct nature’s imperfections. They enhance our God-given features when used correctly. To make the most of your make-up/beauty products, you need to know your face shape, its proportions and features. To determine your face shape and proportions, sweep your hair back from your face and look straight into the mirror. You can take a lip or eye pencil and draw around your reflection on a mirror to help determine your face shape.



An oval face will be wide at the cheekbones and the forehead will be slightly narrower than the cheekbones. This is a perfect face shape so you might not need to use any corrective make-up but you can make use of a blush to enhance your cheekbones  and a touch of iridescent highlighter on your forehead and tip of your chin for a healthy glow.

Most hairstyles and glasses will suit the oval shape but try to avoid heavy-framed, masculine styles when choosing your glasses.


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