Instagram May Update

So it is that time for an Instagram update already? Where is the year running to?

I feel like I do not have much to report on Instagram, like I felt last month, but you all enjoy reading it. I have the stats to prove it, so I thought why not!





In the last month, I have noticed a little increase in my engagement and following, which is great. I am still posting almost multiple times a day, and I think it is helping me get my eyeballs on my profile.

The most important thing for me on Instagram is engagement, so I want to increase that as soon as I can. I am also after increasing my following. I am currently at 3,866, which is good but not good enough. I was at 3,820 a month ago, so the growth has been slow this last few weeks, but I am optimistic. My target is to hit 10,000 followers by the end of 2017, so I need to step my game up.





So what would I be doing differently this month? Nothing. I would carry on as normal, posting everyday, using the relevant hashtags, interacting with accounts I follow, keeping my photos looking pretty and all.

I don’t have an Instagram theme, my account is pretty much like my blog, so it is all about fashion, my personal style, beauty, and a bit of lifestyle. I find themed accounts boring just as I find most niche blogs boring.



The way I see it is, I enjoy posting what I post, so I want to attract people who enjoy these posts with me. Me sticking to a theme just for Instagram won’t work for long, so I won’t even try, lol.




What are your thoughts on Instagram? How is it treating you? Do you believe in having a theme?

Instagram Picture Of The Week – Kylie Jenner For Kanye X Adidas

Kylie Jenner Instagram

Photo Caption – Kanye X Adidas. Thank u to Yé for believing in me

Everyone is talking about Kanye West + Adidas’s fashion show which took place yesterday at New York Fashion Week. Pictures are all over the web showing the funny looking pieces on the weird-looking models. They are looked like badly dressed zombies to me. I guess everyone is talking about because it has to do with the famous KimYe, and the fashion show was celebrity packed. The likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Jayz and all were all present.

I am not impressed with the collection and I don’t see myself wearing any of the pieces but this picture in particularly has been very popular on Instagram. Here we see Kylie Jenner getting ready to walk the runaway for Kanye West and Adidas collection, her big sister – Kim Kardashian West watching on, and Kanye West and Vogue US editor – Anna Wintour having a conversation behind.

I guess Kylie Jenner has not given up on the modelling career. I hope this opportunity given to her by Kanye West will open more modelling doors for her.

I will be featuring my favourite collections from New York fashion week, as well as London, Paris and Milan, so watch this space.

Instagram Picture Of The Week – Kourtney Kardashian


“To me, nudity is not something to be ashamed of. I am at my best when I am pregnant.”

If you watch the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show and the many spin offs, you will know the above quote by Kourtney Kardashian is very true. The chic loves being pregnant. I have to say Kourtney looks gorgeous in that picture, shot by Brian Bowen Smith, and styled by Monica Rose for DuJour Magazine. It is our Instagram Picture Of The Week.

Check out for the full story and sound off in the comments section on what you think about this picture. Thanks for reading. Thank God it is Friday.


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