Instagram May Update

So it is that time for an Instagram update already? Where is the year running to?

I feel like I do not have much to report on Instagram, like I felt last month, but you all enjoy reading it. I have the stats to prove it, so I thought why not!





In the last month, I have noticed a little increase in my engagement and following, which is great. I am still posting almost multiple times a day, and I think it is helping me get my eyeballs on my profile.

The most important thing for me on Instagram is engagement, so I want to increase that as soon as I can. I am also after increasing my following. I am currently at 3,866, which is good but not good enough. I was at 3,820 a month ago, so the growth has been slow this last few weeks, but I am optimistic. My target is to hit 10,000 followers by the end of 2017, so I need to step my game up.





So what would I be doing differently this month? Nothing. I would carry on as normal, posting everyday, using the relevant hashtags, interacting with accounts I follow, keeping my photos looking pretty and all.

I don’t have an Instagram theme, my account is pretty much like my blog, so it is all about fashion, my personal style, beauty, and a bit of lifestyle. I find themed accounts boring just as I find most niche blogs boring.



The way I see it is, I enjoy posting what I post, so I want to attract people who enjoy these posts with me. Me sticking to a theme just for Instagram won’t work for long, so I won’t even try, lol.




What are your thoughts on Instagram? How is it treating you? Do you believe in having a theme?

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