Instagram May Update

So it is that time for an Instagram update already? Where is the year running to?

I feel like I do not have much to report on Instagram, like I felt last month, but you all enjoy reading it. I have the stats to prove it, so I thought why not!





In the last month, I have noticed a little increase in my engagement and following, which is great. I am still posting almost multiple times a day, and I think it is helping me get my eyeballs on my profile.

The most important thing for me on Instagram is engagement, so I want to increase that as soon as I can. I am also after increasing my following. I am currently at 3,866, which is good but not good enough. I was at 3,820 a month ago, so the growth has been slow this last few weeks, but I am optimistic. My target is to hit 10,000 followers by the end of 2017, so I need to step my game up.





So what would I be doing differently this month? Nothing. I would carry on as normal, posting everyday, using the relevant hashtags, interacting with accounts I follow, keeping my photos looking pretty and all.

I don’t have an Instagram theme, my account is pretty much like my blog, so it is all about fashion, my personal style, beauty, and a bit of lifestyle. I find themed accounts boring just as I find most niche blogs boring.



The way I see it is, I enjoy posting what I post, so I want to attract people who enjoy these posts with me. Me sticking to a theme just for Instagram won’t work for long, so I won’t even try, lol.




What are your thoughts on Instagram? How is it treating you? Do you believe in having a theme?

Instagram Update March 2017

Today is the 7th day of March 2017, and I have another Instagram update post for your reading pleasure. Last month, I wrote about my love and hate relationship with Instagram, and how I struggled to understand the platform. Well, I am still struggling to fully understand it. It is not the easiest social media platform to understand, the algorithms seem to keep changing and it feels like a game of chess most of the time, but I am getting there.



Just to elaborate on how confusing this platform is, I posted this picture below on my Instagram Page some minutes ago, and I got over 80 likes within the first 5 minutes. I know it is  pretty picture, but I think I have posted prettier pictures and got a lot less likes so I really not sure what I did differently. Have you had this experience?



As at time of posting, I have 3704 followers which is a good improvement. I have about 100 new followers since my last Instagram update post so I am heading in the right direction. My target is to hit 10,000 followers by the end of the year, so wish me luck, and follow my page if you haven’t done so already.

My engagement has also increased since my last update post, and I like that a lot.



So what am I doing differently?

  • I upload more regularly. I aim for 2/3 Instagram posts a day.
  • I use relevant tags, I aim for 20/30 tags on each post.
  • I post pictures I really like.
  • I play around with the filters to get the right mood right for each shot.
  • I like and comment on posts I like/have something to say about.
  • I follow pages that truly interest me.



I hope to carry as I am, and hopefully smash my targets very soon.

How are you finding Instagram? Do you have any tricks or tips to share?

Instagram Update

I am gradually falling more and more in love with Instagram. It took me ages to get to this point with this social media platform because I couldn’t be bothered to understand it. So I neglected it, hoping it would just go away but it looks Instagram is here to stay and it has kind of won my heart at last.


I love photography, and I am always looking to improve my photography skills. I am currently doing a Lightroom course online, and it is opening eyes to the many tricks of editing which I am loving. I am hoping to complete the course in the next few months and take the photography world by storm!



This 2017, I am challenging myself to grow all my social media platforms especially Instagram. I currently have just over 3600 followers and I will like to see that number increase to at least 10,000 followers this year. I also want to increase the level of my engagement to at least 3%, so I have a lot to work on. Majority of my photos on Instagram are taken by me, and I would like to keep it like that, so it becomes my own little portfolio.


I am also looking to get a camera with wi-fi for easy publishing on Instagram. My iPhone camera is amazing, and so is my iPad Pro but I am thinking of getting one of these Compact System Camera, like the Olympus Pen. They don’t come cheap so I have to think hard about whether I am happy to invest that much in a second camera. I have some cameras lying around, I may sell those first and put the money towards a new camera.




I will be sharing regular Instagram updates on the blog going forward, so look out for the posts. I promise they would be worth your while.

What do you think of Instagram? How are you finding it? Any engagement tips or tricks to share?

Please sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.

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