Instagram Update March 2017

Today is the 7th day of March 2017, and I have another Instagram update post for your reading pleasure. Last month, I wrote about my love and hate relationship with Instagram, and how I struggled to understand the platform. Well, I am still struggling to fully understand it. It is not the easiest social media platform to understand, the algorithms seem to keep changing and it feels like a game of chess most of the time, but I am getting there.



Just to elaborate on how confusing this platform is, I posted this picture below on my Instagram Page some minutes ago, and I got over 80 likes within the first 5 minutes. I know it is  pretty picture, but I think I have posted prettier pictures and got a lot less likes so I really not sure what I did differently. Have you had this experience?



As at time of posting, I have 3704 followers which is a good improvement. I have about 100 new followers since my last Instagram update post so I am heading in the right direction. My target is to hit 10,000 followers by the end of the year, so wish me luck, and follow my page if you haven’t done so already.

My engagement has also increased since my last update post, and I like that a lot.



So what am I doing differently?

  • I upload more regularly. I aim for 2/3 Instagram posts a day.
  • I use relevant tags, I aim for 20/30 tags on each post.
  • I post pictures I really like.
  • I play around with the filters to get the right mood right for each shot.
  • I like and comment on posts I like/have something to say about.
  • I follow pages that truly interest me.



I hope to carry as I am, and hopefully smash my targets very soon.

How are you finding Instagram? Do you have any tricks or tips to share?

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  1. Hey Stella, Oh I love instagram, sometimes I’d like a break though if I’m honest and I just couldn’t post that many times a day (I post 2-3 times a week if I can – I do run several profiles though so it would be madness for me!)
    Like you, I do go back and reply to comments, and if people have taken the time to do so, I’ll of course reciprocate – I think there is a certain etiquette of manners right?? Popping over to find you and say ‘hi’ (rude not to!) @incredibusy x

  2. Thank you for the tips, I seem to have fallen out of love with instagram lately, as it is a hit and miss platform. I am going to use this post as a kick start to get back on track x

  3. I struggle with instagram too. I have actually found posting less has helped me, but it can be frustrating getting the pics seen

  4. Instagram is a nightmare. I haven’t yet spoke to anyone whose says different. If you just want to put photos up it’s easy enough.

    Anymore than that: argh! Best thing I did was find an Instagram tutorial on you tube. It will take you through everything.

    The most confusing thing about Instagram everyone says is how to post pics and regram.

    Realising you couldn’t do these things on a laptop/desktop is a surprise to everyone.

    Only way I solved the problems I was through Google. I still find Instagram a maise

  5. I really miss the old way instagram workedd, I miss so much from people I love to follow and can’t keep up with the algorithm anymore. It’s such a shame as it was a platform I was so, so fond of.

  6. I have just over 1000 followers and have a reasonable engagement but never really get any comments. Insta can be so odd from time to time. Well done on your improvements! I really need to post more!

  7. I am struggling with instagram at the moment, though I agree it seems to help if you post regularly every day at least. I will try and up from one a day to two next month when the weather is better.

  8. For me, the key to instagram is timing – my posts dont get much engagement if I post during the day but if I post in the evening they can get up to three times as much! Hashtags are so important too!

  9. I definitely find Instagram to be difficult and confusing. It always seems that when you feel like you have figured out some things, the algorithm changes again and you have to try to figure it out all over again.

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