Mixing Vintage with Modern

I am beginning to embrace the vintage side. I was never really interested in vintage until a few years ago. But I am happy to say I am now completely sold on it. I have featured a couple of vintage posts this year and they were well received, so I know a lot of my readers have the same feelings towards vintage.

What I like most about vintage is the fact that I can step out looking great and be 100% sure that the likelihood of me running into anyone wearing anything I have on is almost impossible. With vintage, the chances of that happening are really slim. I also love mixing vintage with modern pieces. I think it is a super stylish trend that will always be in vogue, and I think it it is the best way to go if you are into vintage pieces.

I recently came across Rokit – A Women’s Vintage Clothing Online Store, and I immediately fell in love with the stunning pieces. It is a vintage wonderland with various beautiful collections of vintage clothing and accessories. Rokit has been Keepin’ It Vintage since 1986 and they are still slaying!

So many pieces and accessories caught my eye on the website, there are so many options that I wish I a few favourites of mine –

80s Bold Patterned Blouse

This blouse would been an amazing summer addition. It would look so stylish with rolled up sleeves and dark sunglasses. It would also look great paired with shorts, a cami top and a hat.

I love how bright it is. It is a beautiful blouse and it currently retails at £25 only.

1980s Tropical Print Dress

This bold and beautiful Tropical Print Mini Dress is another beauty I currently have my eye on. The lightweight cotton fabric and winged sleeves are great summer clothing features to have. This would look lovely paired with ankle boots and socks while it is still cool, and sandals when it gets warmer.

It currently retails at £35 only.

80’s Black Trench Coat

I am in need of a trench coat for spring, and this piece ticks all the right boxes. It is black, comes in a simple design and medium weight. I love the flowing fall and waist belt. The welt pockets and notched collar are also right up my alley!

It currently retails at £70.

What do you think of these pieces? Do sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!

*Collaborative Post.

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  1. Just had a quick look at the Roca website; love it. I have bookmarked it to browse later. Alot of colour on there which is my thing.

    I love the pieces you have showcased on here, especially the dress. Egg-cellent 😉 Easter post. Thank you

  2. I think I mix modern and vintage clothing every single day, Rokit is great!
    Carboot sales are my guilty pleasure also 🙂

    Dani x

  3. Should have saved my ra-ra skirts and roller skates – can’t believe we’re having an 80s comeback. I love the trench coat, very Parisian when teamed up with an oversized scarf.

  4. I never buy fully priced vintage. If you know what you are looking for do your research and you can often buy vintage pieces from charity shops. I saw many versions of that dress for £3 in my local charity shops.

  5. That trench is super cool, slouchy and comfortable. I remember everyone wearing those brightly patterned shirts when I was a kid and I couldn’t tolerate them. I do love the suggestions that you’ve made for styling them. Add some box braids and it’s a wrap. 🙂

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