Blocking Buyers on eBay

I have recently resumed selling on eBay and I am finding the new system very seller friendly and easy to use. It takes me few minutes to have an item listed on my eBay account and it has encouraged to keep selling on the platform. A few years ago, the listing process was so long-winded, it could take an 1 hour to list a bundle of clothes, but thanks to the new eBay app, this is no longer the case.

If you sell on eBay regularly, you would have come across all types of buyers. I have seen it all. The ones in far away countries that insist on buying your item even though it is clearly listed for UK residents only. I have seen the buyers who never pay and the ones would buy items and then send you messages on how they are suddenly unable to pay. Or the buyers who ask you question after question. It ca get frustrating as a seller and a buyer, as I buy and sell on there, so I have seen both sides.


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Blocking Buyers on eBay

If you like to protect yourself while selling on eBay, the smartest thing to do is to block the time wasters and scammers once you have had an encounter with them. This stops them bidding or attempting to buy your items again. It also prevents them from contacting you. On my eBay account, I have blocked only 4 buyers, so it is not a common occurrence for me. But I know many other sellers who have blocked hundreds of dodgy buyers over the years.


Here is how to go about blocking buyers on eBay –

Sign in and head to the seller’s centre. Once you are on the page, you can type in help in resolving buyer issues, and then scroll down to the bottom for instructions  on how to block buyers. eBay allows you block up to 5000 buyers, so plenty room for the buyers you don’t want.

I am grateful this feature is available. Dealing with fraudsters and time wasters can be draining. So at least with this feature, we won’t have to cross paths again.


Do you buy or sell on eBay? How are you finding it? Have you had your own fair share of annoying people on there? How do you deal with it? Please share your tried and tested tips in the comments section below. Let’s chat.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I have not used eBay. But I can only imagine the challenges. I’m continually impressed that you are able to publish as much on your blog as you do. I’m struggling to get it done. But hey…I’m working at it!!

  2. I used to sell ours, families and friends stuff, on their. I packed up in the end and occasionally sell a few more expensive items.

    I got sick of the, it hasnt turned up which you cant prove so ended up adding on recorded delivery postage to stop that.

    I had one who said I had sent the item to the wrong address and had moved from the one his Ebay and PayPsl was registered with. I was supposed to know how?

    Another who told me the item was musty and those who pretend there is something erong with the item when I know there wasnt but they refused to send pictures.

    Then those who come in with cheeky offers. I put my dress, fascinator, shoes and wrap on there as 2 separate purchases. The dress on it’s own. The other three together. The whole outfit cost came to £380. The dress was £200 and the other £180

    I started the dress of at £50 and the other set at £30. The fascinator is Paul Smith Top Hat range and was £96-00. The cheeky offers I got. I kept it all in the end. I would rather donate it to charity.

    Had it happen about a dozen times over a 2 – 3 year period. Had enough. I occasionally sell now but not often. I do buy alot on eBay, though with no hassle.

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