How to Pick Your Fishing Clothing

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For all the fishing enthusiasts out there, trying to decide on the best gear to bring when we go out can be a challenge.  After all, we want to ensure safety, comfort, and practicality.  How do we even get started on preparing to do this activity?

Well, for beginners and pros alike, there are certain things we should do each year before we go out to our favorite local river, lake, pond, or even ocean for some of us!  If you want to learn more and are completely new to the hobby, consider checking out this article, and then keep reading here!

Research Local Laws and Regulations

While it would be nice if we could all go out and start to fish whenever we want to, that is simply not the case.  In most places, especially in the United States, you need a fishing license.  Luckily, they usually are not more than twenty dollars, meaning it’s still an accessible hobby for fans of the outdoors.

That being said, just investigate how it works in your state and county.  Prices and the length that they are valid for vary based on where you live.  Also, check how many fish you are allowed to keep and if there are any protected species where you are.  Looking at invasive species can also be valuable, so you know if you shouldn’t release a certain organism back into the water.

Decide on Location

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Once you’ve got your license and know the rules in your area, figure out where you want to go.  You see, different species can be found in different types of water.  Freshwater versus salt water is a big one, of course.  However, there are even variances between lakes and a river!

Obviously, this will play a significant part as you determine where you decide to go.  Decide what you want to catch and why you’re catching them, to begin with.  If you want food, certain spots might not be right for you, for example.  Your skill level will also be a factor.

Is there Etiquette?

You may be surprised to learn that there are some unspoken rules you should follow when you go out.  You can find some here,, but it’s not entirely a comprehensive list.  This is because some locations will be different.

One of the biggest ones to remember is that you shouldn’t crowd other anglers.  What do I mean by this?  Well, a good rule of thumb is to give other people about fifty to sixty feet of space.  Talk about a big bubble – but it’s polite to do this so you aren’t competing too much for catches.

A few other things to remember will relate back to the first point I made.  If the area you’re in is catch-and-release only, someone will notice if you aren’t following that.  The type of bait or tackles you use might also be restricted, as some areas are limited to artificial ones only.

Is There Proper Gear?

As you can probably imagine, there are some features you should look for as you pick your gear.  The first thing we think of is usually the rod itself, along with the line, bait, and hooks.  Many people have storage options for them as well, making the journey to and from much easier.

However, what about what we wear?  Well, when it comes to fishing clothing, comfort is key.  Certain fabrics, for example, can suit this purpose better than others.  It might not seem very important, but if you want to get as much enjoyment as you can out of the hobby and do it often, this might be something to invest in.

Find water-resistant articles to wear if you think things will get wet.  It’s not likely that you won’t have at least some splashes when you’re fishing, though, so it’s probably safer to air on the side of caution even if you’re very skilled at angling.  The breathability of the fabric should also play a part in your choice.

This is largely due to the difference in weather patterns across the country.  I can’t tell you how it will be outside when you decide to go angling.  If you live in a hot area, you will probably do better wearing some shorts and a t-shirt with absorbent materials, for example.  However, in the cold, long sleeves and a sweatshirt will serve you more.

There’s a certain amount of this that is down to personal preference and your own sense of style, too.  While fashion might not be your top priority, you don’t have to settle for anything you hate.  There are plenty of retailers that offer functional but stylish clothing designed specifically for this hobby, so keep your mind open as you shop!  Hopefully, you can find what you need!

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