Age-proof Your Make-up (60 Plus Women)


Women in their sixties should embrace the lines, furrows and all the other signs of ageing. This face represents your life and you should continue to beautify it. Here are some tips you could use to age-proof your make-up:

  • Invest in a magnifying mirror to help you put on your make-up without your contact lenses or glasses.
  • Liquid foundations are best for your skin now. Others tend to look to heavy on the skin.
  • Use blush for definition and colour.
  • Use light concealers, heavier ones tend to sit on the fine skin.
  • Shape your eyebrows regularly and define with a matching eyebrow pencil.
  • Brown mascaras are more flattering than black mascaras.
  • Avoid frosted, shiny and sparkly eye shadows, they cause creasing.
  • Avoid heavy eye liner and frosted lipsticks which could give you a dated look.
  • Avoid heavy powdering around the eye area, as it will highlight any creases.
  • Keep your eye shadow colours matte.
  • Avoid dark lip colours as they make your lips appear thinner.
  • Only use loose powder on the bony parts of your face.

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