How Hormones Affect the Skin in your 30s

Our bodies go through a lot of changes. And as each day passes, these changes become more and more evident in our life – especially our skin.

As we get older, the level of certain hormones starts dropping. The decrease in these hormones leads to changes in our skin, especially our face, and usually starts in our 30s.



I clocked 30 in January, and I have started noticing changes in my skin for the last 3 years. As much as I may dislike having to deal with these new developments, I can’t run away from the reality that nature must take its course, so I might as well try to understand what causes these changes and how we can best manage the situation.

Here are some of the ways hormones affect your skin in your 30s and what you can do to deal with them.


Visible Change #1 – Breakout

When you thought you closed the chapter on your acne problem in your teens, those horrible pimples start rearing their heads in your 30s. The major cause of breakouts in your 30s is an increase in the stress hormone called cortisol.

High cortisol levels spring the sebaceous glands (the glands responsible for producing oil in your body) to make more oil. This is what causes your skin to be oily and when the oil gets in contact with dirt, sweat and grime it begins to inflame. Sometimes they fill up with pus especially when the pore gets infected.


Action Step #1 – Calm down and relax

Of course, it’s normal to get stressed. Work, family and other very important engagements can take a huge toll on someone. But we all need to make room for some relaxation.

I have been breaking out seriously recently, so I guess there is a spike in the stress hormone in my body, which I am not surprised about. I need to take my own advice, and relax a bit more.


Visible Change #2 – Dull looking skin

As we grow older, our skin tends not to glow as much as it used to when we were in our 20s. This is caused by a drop in the levels of a hormone called estrogen. Estrogen is produced in the ovaries and it promotes the production of collagen and elastin that make your skin look plump and give it that youthful glow.

A reduction of estrogen changes your complexion and causes your eyes to be puffy. This is because the lymph glands that are in charge of removing the toxins from your body weaken.


Action Step #2 – Apply products that contain Retinol

The best way to deal with a drop of estrogen is to promote collagen and elastin production. Retinol helps to boost both collagen and elastin by making the skin thicker. This will help your skin gets its glow back.



Visible Change #3 – Wrinkles and Fine Lines

This might be the one that gives women the most concern. A decrease in growth hormone makes the skin wrinkle on the forehead, and the corners of the eyes and mouth.

As we grow older the skin doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it used to, so the fine lines become more visible.


Action Step #3 – Exfoliate and Moisturize

Exfoliating the skin helps to activate the blood vessels and bring your skin cells back to life. It helps to reduce the presence of wrinkles and fine lines.

Moisturizing immediately after exfoliation will help nourish your skin and help you smoothen those wrinkles. You can apply anti-wrinkle cream to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles too.


Are you going through any skin changes? Do sound off in the comments section below.

Bizarre Beauty Treatments

There are so many beauty treatments around today and many of them are just plain crazy. I guess there are so many bizarre beauty treatments coming up because we women are going crazier by the day. Many of us are willingly to try anything to look good or that promises some beauty benefits, and that is the reason why these bizarre beauty treatments keep coming up.




I did some research and came across some of the most bizarre beauty treatments I have ever heard of. Here they are:


Anal Bleaching

Yes you read that right. I was quite shocked to discover such a beauty treatment existed. Why would anyone want to bleach that part of the body? No one sees it so why would anyone want it bleached? Well there are people who want theirs bleached. There is even an Anal Bleaching Guide on how to go about the treatment, what creams to use and how they work, and why it has become so popular in 2016.

So if you ever thought of having that part of your body bleached, it is possible but weird!


Bird’s Poo Facial

This is even more crazy! This facial uses purified bird’s poo in a powdered form that is mixed with rice bran to neutralize odours. This bird’s poo procedure works by breaking down dead cells and cleansing the skin.  It is known for leaving the skin cleaner, brighter and more radiant.


A Red Wine Bath

This is another dead weird beauty treatment. For this treatment, you get soaked in a tub of red wine to ferment your body. It is popular for reversing sun damage and firming the skin.


These are just a few of the crazy beauty treatments around today. I think the treatments will continue to become more crazy as our thirst for beauty perfection continues.

What do you think? Have you heard of these beauty treatments before? Which is the craziest of the 3? Do sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous day!


*This is a collaborative post.




Why you should wipe off your makeup before you sleep

After a long exhausting day of work it can be tempting to kick off your shoes and go straight to bed. But doing that could harm your skin especially when you sleep with your makeup on.

Going to bed without removing your makeup can damage your skin and degenerate your overall appearance. So no matter how tired you are or how late in the night it is, you should make it a part of your daily routine to remove your makeup. Here are some reasons why you should never neglect this as part of your routine.




It causes inflammations on your skin

Makeup coupled with the dust and dirt in the air and the dead skin cells on your face can clog your pores. When your pores are clogged, your skin will develop inflammations in form of acne. If you have acne-prone skin, leaving makeup overnight can cause the acne to flare up.

Foundations can be the worst when it comes to clogged pores and acne flare ups. Even lipstick left overnight can cause the skin around your lips to be inflamed. So remember to wipe them all off.

It can lead to premature aging

Makeup left on the skin for too long can cause your skin to break down. The break down damages your skin cells which will lead to premature aging. It will also increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

To verify this, an experiment was conducted by the Daily Mail not too long ago, on a woman who applied makeup without cleansing her face. This caused her to age 10 years in 1 month!

It’ll make your complexion look dull

When you don’t remove makeup from your face before sleeping, the makeup cakes on your skin as your head presses against your pillow. The layer of makeup makes it difficult for your skin to shed off the old skin and reveal the new skin. This is what is usually responsible for the dull lifeless skin colour.

The makeup left on your skin clogs the pores and creates dark circles around your eyes reducing the overall vibrance of your face.

It can cause irritation

Makeup contains certain elements in its formula that can cause irritation. Elements like dye or perfume could cause irritation if left on the skin overnight. Eye products, especially mascara and eyeliners, can also irritate the sensitive lining of the eyes. If you have sensitive skin, the effect of the irritants can be aggravated to cause itchiness or excessive flaring of the skin.




It can cause infections

Makeup on its own does not cause infections. However when mixed with dirt in the environment and sweat, makeup can act as a carrier of infections. So any cut or opening caused by an acne breakout will get contaminated with the dirt and sweat-ridden makeup. This will make your skin get infected. The same goes for eye products that somehow find their way into your eyes while you sleep.

It will cause your lips to be chapped

Many lipsticks contain wax. The wax causes your lips to dry up. As you use lipstick everyday the loss of the natural moisture of your lips causes your lips to dry and the skin to crack. Not removing your lipstick before going to bed will accelerate the drying and make the chapping worse. This could lead to abrasions and your lips may bleed.

It weakens your eyelashes

Mascara can accentuate the beauty of your eyes but allowing it to stay all night can make your delicate eyelashes weaken. The formula contained in mascara can be too hard on your eyelashes. When you don’t remove your mascara it makes your eyelashes brittle, prone to breakage and eventually start shedding faster.

So makeup needs to be wiped off every night before bed time. No excuses.

Do you wipe your makeup off every night?

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