Bizarre Beauty Treatments

There are so many beauty treatments around today and many of them are just plain crazy. I guess there are so many bizarre beauty treatments coming up because we women are going crazier by the day. Many of us are willingly to try anything to look good or that promises some beauty benefits, and that is the reason why these bizarre beauty treatments keep coming up.




I did some research and came across some of the most bizarre beauty treatments I have ever heard of. Here they are:


Anal Bleaching

Yes you read that right. I was quite shocked to discover such a beauty treatment existed. Why would anyone want to bleach that part of the body? No one sees it so why would anyone want it bleached? Well there are people who want theirs bleached. There is even an Anal Bleaching Guide on how to go about the treatment, what creams to use and how they work, and why it has become so popular in 2016.

So if you ever thought of having that part of your body bleached, it is possible but weird!


Bird’s Poo Facial

This is even more crazy! This facial uses purified bird’s poo in a powdered form that is mixed with rice bran to neutralize odours. This bird’s poo procedure works by breaking down dead cells and cleansing the skin.  It is known for leaving the skin cleaner, brighter and more radiant.


A Red Wine Bath

This is another dead weird beauty treatment. For this treatment, you get soaked in a tub of red wine to ferment your body. It is popular for reversing sun damage and firming the skin.


These are just a few of the crazy beauty treatments around today. I think the treatments will continue to become more crazy as our thirst for beauty perfection continues.

What do you think? Have you heard of these beauty treatments before? Which is the craziest of the 3? Do sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous day!


*This is a collaborative post.




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