Beauty Muse – Celeste

The lovely American-British singer and songwriter – Celeste is the Beauty Muse for the month of November. This talented soulful singer is beauty goals all day, everyday! I love her hair so much. It gives me a lot of inspiration and looks amazing on her. Her skin is also really flawless and gorgeous.

I read an interview Celeste had with guys at Glamour Magazine and I really enjoyed reading all about her beauty and skincare tips. It was interesting to read that this Beauty Muse only used two skincare products. Many of us get caught in using all kinds of skincare and beauty products at the same time that it is sometimes to decide which is actually doing the work and which isn’t.

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Here are some excerpts from Celeste’s interview with Glamour Magazine

On her skincare products:

When I do my own makeup, I use two skincare things. One’s called Monroeand it’s like a nonbinary skincare brand. I put that on at night and I don’t wear foundation or anything. Then I genuinely, I have a Gucci lipstick called Myra Crimson and I just dab that on my cheeks and then put it on my lips.

Her simple routine is like a breath of fresh air. I will be looking up the Monroeand skincare brand.

On accepting your facial features:

I think it takes a while to like and accept your face. Whether it’s your skin or the shape of your nose or your eyelashes or whatever. You get to a point where you just, you have to accept yourself. Instead of every time you look at yourself challenging yourself and saying ‘why don’t I look at this?’

I agree, it can take a while to really embrace all parts of yourself, but once you do, you become unstoppable.

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What do you think of Celeste as a Beauty Muse?

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