The Yin & Yang Of My Personal Style (Winter Series) Part 1


I cannot live without certain winter essentials. Living without these items will leave me with nothing but a dull and uninspiring winter wardrobe.

  • Black Opaque Tights


Every girl needs a few pairs of black opaque tights this winter. A good pair of tights can change your entire appearance, giving you the “wow” factor. It is best to go for quality when it comes to tights, you enjoy them for much longer when you do.

Black opaque tights have a way of making your legs appear longer and slimmer. I just got a new pack some weeks ago from my local Boots shop and I am looking forward to rocking it. I have a couple of outfits in my head so watch this space.

  • Ankle Boots/Hi-Tops


This is a must have for any stylish winter shoe collection. You can wear ankle boots/hi-tops with a lot of outfits, I will be wearing mine with skinny jeans and skirts this season. I love the masculine/feminine look ankle boots creates, it changes your entire look for the better. My current favourites are this Dune hi-top wedge trainers (picture above) and my NOSE ankle boots here.

  • The Knitted Cardigan


It is wise to invest in a proper knitted cardigan this season to keep you warm and stylish. Knitted cardigans are investment pieces, very stylish and practical, they will never go out of style. My current favourites are this new season Glamorous cardigan (picture above) and this cream Dorothy Perkins cardigan(picture below).


Knitted cardigans are also useful in the spring and autumn months as a light cover to keep you stylish and warm.

  • The Classic Coat


A classic winter coat is a necessity for every wardrobe this season. I like having a couple of winter coats/jackets in various styles and colours to spice up my wardrobe and jazz up my appearance. My current favourite is this Ted Baker coat (Picture above). You will be seeing a lot of this pretty coat this winter.

  • The Investment Bag

River Island Dress

This is the bag to spend a few hundreds or thousands on. It will likely last you a lifetime, if not more. The more expensive your investment bag is, the longer it stays with you, most likely, and if your daughters are lucky, they could even inherit them. You cannot go wrong with the right bag. My current investment bags are my DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld and my precious Michael Kors.

Which item can you not live without this season?




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