Fashion Criminal – Pharrell Williams

Hey people. We have another male Fashion Criminal this week. These men keep commiting crimes of fashion. Someone needs to stop them.

Pharrell Williams is the Fashion Criminal of the week and I know he is not surprised. I mean how can he be surprised when he goes about dressing like this?

Pharrell Williams Style

Pharrell Williams is a good-looking, talented young man. When I look at him, I still cannot believe the dude is 41 years old, he looks 18 years old. He can pass for my baby brother easily and he is almost old enough to be my father? I still don’t understand how anyone can look this good. This man does not age. He has great genes and a great taste in music, I love most of his songs but his fashion sense is a No-No. He dresses like a teenager still trying to discover himself with his boyz n the hood style.


Some people find his fashion sense and style, brave and different. I find it childish and unflattering. He dresses like a man stuck in his teen years. Most of the time, he is on every worst dressed list for red carpet events. He goes to Grammys wearing shorts? Who does that?


I will like to see Pharrell Williams dress up like a stylish man in his 40s. His style can be tweaked in the right places to leave him looking edgy and stylish like how he looks below.


I love this look. I love the black tie, army look he is giving us here. He nailed this look, so more of this thank you, and less of this –


Pharrell also needs to tone down his accessories  little bit. Less is more. I will like to see less of the shorts and baggy jeans and more of tailored pants.

What do you think of Pharrell William style? Sound off in comment section pls. Thanks for reading.



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