Giving Your Partner Styling Tips – Without Being Patronising!

*Collaborative post.

It’s a common enough scenario. You’re both going to an event or social gathering (e.g. a wedding or a birthday party), and you’ve put a lot of time and thought into what you’re going to wear. The same can’t always be said for your husband or boyfriend…

Make no mistake, many men are great at looking good. They’ve got instinctive knowledge of what to wear and how to style themselves. But there are a lot of men who just prefer to sling on the suit they’ve had since their college days, regardless of whether it still buttons up or not!


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Some great tips for getting your partner looking mighty fine


  • Don’t assume superiority. Tempting though it is to totally take over, remember that too much control can come across as patronising. After all, he’s a grown man – he does know how to dress himself! Make sure he knows why this matters so much to you; that you not only want him to look his best, but to also make a great impression to others.


  • Emphasise that less is more. Good style doesn’t actually involve that much effort; just a bit of know-how. Leave out some male style magazines, demonstrating how easy it is to look smart and sophisticated without going too ‘overkill’.


  • Provide some style inspiration. If he’s been favouring the same old suit for decades, now might be the time for an update. Again, this is a perfect time to flick through some magazines or browse online. Look at this years’ styles on key fashion sites, that’ll give him a good idea of what styles are on-trend at the moment.


  • Get the little details right. The devil is in the detail when you’re going to a special event like a wedding or party. It’s not just about the suit and the shirt, it’s also about the right shoes, the right tie, and even the right belt for those trousers. It’s a good idea to experiment with what’s in the wardrobe, then work out if he needs to purchase anything new.


  • Start grooming. A bit of male grooming never did any man any harm. At the very least, trimming the beard or styling the hair should be a priority. Get your partner to think about fragrance too; it makes a real difference when you’re attending an event. Copycat Fragrances have a good range of male colognes, which have been inspired by the leading fragrance houses.


  • Focus on comfort. Don’t bulldoze your partner into wearing something if it doesn’t feel comfortable. You know what it’s like, adjusting your outfit all day because you don’t feel ‘right’ in it – it’s not a pleasant feeling! If he’s trying on new clothes, remind him that it’s important to feel good in it, not just look good.


  • Shop online (without spending a fortune). If your partner hates going shopping, the internet can be a life-saver. It takes the pressure off, giving you both the time to browse properly without feeling rushed. There are often more opportunities to save money online too, if you know how to shop in a savvy way.


  • Think to the future. Don’t just focus on this one event; think about when your partner will wear this outfit on the future. For example, will the suit be wearable for the office too? Is he likely to need it for other events? If he’s only likely to wear it one time, you might not want to spend so much on it.


Have fun together!

Choosing clothes together can be a whole lot of fun; providing you handle it the right way. Avoid bossiness and encourage your partner to voice his opinions; after all, he’ll be the one wearing it!






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